DigiTech DigiVerb Digital Reverb Pedal  

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Fantastic selection of reverb types with rich realism and brilliant clarity.

Once you start using the DigiTech DigiVerb Digital Reverb Pedal you won't want to stop. The spring reverb is so real you can almost hear the spring rattling in the box. Different plate reverbs put excitement in your snare or vocals, and various halls breathe warm space into any instrument sound. Level, EQ, Decay, and Type controls let you tailor your 'verb any way you like. Left/mono and right outputs. DigiTech DigiVerb includes 9V battery.


  • Broad range of reverb types
  • Level, EQ, Decay, and Type controls
  • Left/mono and right outputs

Subtle effects like reverb can make a huge difference in your sound. Order today and find out for yourself.

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