Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord Octave Bass Effects Pedal   

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Harmonizes bass parts to fill the void guitarists can leave behind.

Want to improve the band's sound when your guitarist quits playing rhythm to take a solo? The Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord Octave Bass Effects Pedal gives bassists the power to become a wall of sound. Three switches control parallel harmonies an octave higher than your original bass line with fourths and fifths also available. The results are power chord type sounds that track the bass without lag and are tweakable with overdrive to sound just like a guitar. The integrity of the original bass part is maintained with a choice of having the processed sound blended with the bass or routed separately to a guitar amp. Requires 9V battery or AC adapter.


  • Unique design for bass players only
  • Generates octave above, fourth below octave, and fifth above octave
  • "Power chord" option generates octave above, with fourth and fifth above that
  • Battery or AC power ("global" adapter optional)
  • Tone, Overdrive, and Noise Gate controls
  • Mixed output or effect output only
  • Sturdy construction and footswitches

This is ideal for power trios. Order today.

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