Ibanez SW35 35 Watt Bass Amp   

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A solid little thumper.

The Ibanez SW35 35 Watt Bass Amp is a great choice for rehearsal or practice. This solid state bass amp cranks out 35 punchy watts through a tilt-back, closed-back cab for enhanced low-end. The 10" coaxial speaker in the Ibanez SW35 offers a wide frequency response. Amplifier controls include bass, mid, treble, and presence. Ibanez also equipped the SW35 Bass Amp with a limiter with LED indicator, variable input with 10dB gain, master volume control, CD inputs, headphone out, line out, and effects send and return.


  • 35W35W through a 10"
  • Tilt-back, closed back cab for enhanced low-end
  • 10" coaxial speaker
  • Bass, mid, treble, and presence controls
  • Limiter with LED indicator
  • Variable input with 10dB gain,
  • Master volume control
  • CD inputs
  • Headphone out
  • Line out
  • Effects send and return
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