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Product 489502

Krank Krankenstein 100W Tube Guitar Head   

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The Krank Krankenstein 100W Tube Guitar Head is a beautiful amp that's built to play hard. This 2-channel, all-tube, high-gain monster comes stock wi...Click To Read More About This Product

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Designed and inspired by Dimebag himself!

The Krank Krankenstein 100W Tube Guitar Head is a beautiful amp that's built to play hard. This 2-channel, all-tube, high-gain monster comes stock with Sovtek 5881 power tubes and Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes. The Clean channel is warm and buttery, with the hint of breakup that Dime required to get his classic clean tones. The Dime channel gives you just what you expect —- searing metal and classic rock tones. No pedals, EQs, or processors needed for that signature Dimebag Darrell sound. Don't forget the Krankenstein 4x12" cabinet to complete the package.

  • 100W of searing, all-tube tone
  • 2 channels (clean and Dime)
  • Sovtek 5881 power tubes
  • Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Separate volume and 3-band EQs per channel
  • 2 master volume controls on the distortion channel
  • Global master volume
  • Presence control for both channels
  • EQ sweep on the distortion channel
  • Effects loop with active/passive switch
  • Line out
  • 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm selectable impedance

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Most Liked Positive Review


Love or Hate...

Interesting one, this is... For those looking for an over-the-top, metal monster of an amp well-suited for versatile, modern-edged tones. I have tried both the Krankenstein and the Krank Revolution on...Read complete review

Interesting one, this is... For those looking for an over-the-top, metal monster of an amp well-suited for versatile, modern-edged tones. I have tried both the Krankenstein and the Krank Revolution on several occasions. There were days where I liked this amp...there was a clarity and presence of the high-gain sounds that had an almost hi-fi quality. The distortion is very extreme yet clean (best I can describe it..) There were also days when I didn't particularly like the Krankensteen. Sometimes, the high gain sounds seemed somehow inorganic, sterile, and flat-sounding. I have seen others who have had similar comments and/or criticisms. Many will love this amp. Those who don't have found that the distortion was fizzy, and that there was not even close to enough gain on tap. Those that like this amp find the high gain sounds tremendous and copious. Go figure? The clean channel is pretty cool..vibrant, warm, and clear, but maybe a bit sterile-sounding for some tastes. The clean channel is a plus for any style. Good stuff. Of course, people are buying this for the Dime-inspired high gain tones. I personally think that the amp maker is trying to bridge the gap between Dimebag's high-gain solid state tones, and those of tube-driven high-gain amps. What they've created is its own entity. Definitely sounds tube, but not like most tube amps sound. Definitely play this amp and hear it for yourself with your own ear. It might be a great recording amp tonality-wise. It's also very quiet on both clean and overdrive channels. And it's full of professional features (effects loops, dual master volumes, etc) and is well suited for live use as well. I myself am still a little mystified in terms of my mixed and waffling impressions of the Krankensteen. It features and price range place it up against some good competition in the high-gain amp realm. For right now, I would give the amp an overall rating of a 7 for myself personally. I give it an 8 in deference to the people who fall in love with this amp. I think I will go and try it out again one more time...


Most Liked Negative Review


engl amps are way better

I tried this amp at a local music store thinking oh my g** krank amps or the so called krankenstein is awesome and very versitile, they are very wrong you can get a...Read complete review

I tried this amp at a local music store thinking oh my g** krank amps or the so called krankenstein is awesome and very versitile, they are very wrong you can get a basic mesa boogie dual rectifier sound and either way mesa and this version of krank's tube amps are a waste of money but I do have to say it picks some the real heavy parts and lows BUT NOT WORTH THIS KINDA MONEY you would be better off buying an engl powerball

Reviewed by 22 customers

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Dimebag Darrell Abbott RIP

By Triton

from Honolulu, Hawaii

See all my reviews

I have been eyeing on the Krankenstein for several months now. When I heard that the Krankenstein + was out, I wasn't too sure if I wanted that amp. It just didnt seem to suit me. But I still wanted it. My friend who is in a power metal band, owns a Krankenstein. He recorded an instrumental with the amp and showed it to me. It was as if God had unleashed shred from Heaven. It had a great clean sound, and the Dime channel was well...godly. I was amazed. I want one as soon as possible.


takes some getting used to

By Demolition Hammer

from Louisville KY

See all my reviews

In this price range you have some seriously kick ass options. So why choose a Krankenstein? If you want to play extreme metal it doesn't get more brutal than this. Plus it's extremely reliable, and very low noise at high volumes. When I first tried it at the music store I couldn't turn it up very loud and I was horrified at how bad it sounded. Shrill, thin fuzz. No depth. I bought it just so I could try it with the band and run it through its paces. Its not a very intuitive amp, there are some "rules" you have to learn about the sweep knob, how to control the high end, the relationship between the master volumes, etc. But its not rocket science either. Once you find the sweet spot and perfect volume this amp is undeniably the best. I've played some seriously awesome high gain amps in this price range and I bought this one. It's just got this heaviness and chug that makes you want to kill! No wonder Dime and M. Ammott were impressed.



By MXL990

from Conroe, TX

See all my reviews

I upgraded to this amp from the Marshall MG100 stack, and it was the best equipment decision I've made.The tone on this amp is truly remarkable, and the EQ sweep allows you to choose which section of your tone will be emphasized the most (Highs, Mids, or Lows).A feature that I personally appreciate is the volume control on the footswitch. If you're in a band that shares lead work between two guitarists, you can set one volume higher than the other and boost whenever it's solo time.The tone cuts through magnificently, but it sounds "smooth" is the best I can describe it. There is more gain than you can use on this amp, and I play Metallica/Megadeth kinds of music.Long story short, this was well worth the money (I bought mine blemished and couldn't even find the scratch, so if you see one of those don't hesitate). If you're thinking you need to upgrade to a tube stack, this is the one for you.


If it is isn't the best amp...

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Then it's a supreme amp. This amp is proof that the Revolution amp is second rate now. It has all the perks, and then some. High gain levels often prove to be very discouraging on most amps because of major break-up and muddy sounds. However, the Krankenstein has no such flaw. Even though it harbors only 100W, it proves to be very potent. With the Krankenstein cabinets, it proves a surreal amount aggression can be attained without sounding amuck. Very creamy bass, razor-sharp mids, absolute tonal highs. A bit pricey, but worth the money. Honestly. Seriously.


It doesn't get heavier than this.

By thebootscraper-RXF_G

from Norcal

See all my reviews

Well, I actually bought this head after playing it only once at my local store. I loved what I had heard there, so I sprung for the amp. This is a step up from my PODxt Pro/Mesa Power amp rig.Overall build quality is superb, except the cover for the preamp tubes is easily lost. (It's a common problem with these.)This is a two-channel amp. I like this, because I've found that a third channel on an all-tube amp often has less tone than a comparable two-channel amp.Kleen: definitely that slight hint of breakup for classic Dimebag tones. I prefer the clarity of solid state cleans, but this has a lot of character. Not enough to justify the price tag by itself, but certainly praiseworthy.Dime: Here's where the "bang" in "bang for your buck" comes into play. True to their word, the good folks at Krank provide the heavy, screaming grind that Dimebag used. The EQ section is quite tweakable and gives many usable tones. I prefer the scooped sound, with lots o' bass and lots o' treble. Actually, it's best to back off on the bass with this amp... it has bass in spades. I use an MXR 10-band EQ for solos. I prefer the chunky, grinding rhythm tones the amp provides over the clean and solo tones I can get. YOU MUST CRANK THIS AMP TO GET A GOOD DISTORTION- THAT's WHY IT"S CALLED "KRANK"!!!! Get her up over 4 and hear the pinch harmonics jump out at you.This is a VERY LOUD 100W all-tube. Cranked through my two Fender 400W 4x12 cabs, this head is an absolute beast.A nice feature is the dual-master volumes on the Dime channel. It allows me to get more tone from the preamp section without blasting the windows out. Seriously, if you've been looking for a unique (NOT Mesa, Marshall, or the other "standard" metal distortions)sound and you want to get it without EQs and pedals and other junk, look no further.I got it for a bargain, and I feel the $1700 price tag is steep. It's mostly because of Dimebag's (R.I.P) endorsement. Save up for this head!!!


The Perfect Amp

By Grizz91

from Houston, TX

See all my reviews

I played this amp at a local music store for well over and hour and I was blown away by this amp. First off, the clean channel is warm and buttery and breaks up if you turn it up which is perfect for AC/DC, Hendrix, The Who. The Dime channel was so noiseless I couldn't even tell the amp was on until I started playing. Do not be fooled by reviews that say it is a bad amp. It produced sounds ranging from Pantera to Van Halen and Hendrix to ZZ Top. It also responded to my pick attack. If I played light it sounded less distorted and when I picked hard it sounded like Dimebag himself was playing. The bottom line is if you want an amp that can do it all the KRANKENSTEIN IS THE ONLY AMP YOU WILL EVER NEED.


Kranks ...

By Metal Man Keita

from Atlanta, Georgia

Man I played this krank yesterday at the guitar it was a used head a bit pricy but man I origianly wanted this amp to upgrade myh rig and i've been getting feedback from other musicians saying its not a good amp its tooo bassy it muds out at high volumes so I put it aside and looked at the peavy satch head . don't get me wrong the satch is amazing but when I playhed this I fell in love witht his amp the distortion on this amp is just straight up metal the bass end i love it . and the sweep and the prescense is pretty cool man it doesnt get that muddy at high volumes itsnot that bad . the clean channel is pretty nice too better than i expected this amp is over great the price is not that bad bt could be a tad bit lower but if you likemetal and want to wail away get this . peavy 6505 is pretty sweet too . soon i will buy htis amp


Trulely a great piece of work

By Mikesbag

from Meriden,CT.

These are one of the best sounding amps today.If you know how to set the krankenstein writeyou are going to love the tone your hearing.Everyknob has it's purpose and if you don't set it tothe style of music your playing it's not going tosound good to you.I play metal,so I dail in the tone and I'm in heaven.It's like playing a marshall on steriods,tons of gain with clairity.This amp sounds the best with the krakenstein cabso if you can afford it get them both you will behappy, and if not then go buy something cheap.


LOVE IT!!!!!!

By Tonisdee

from Chaska MN

i have had this head for 2 weeks now and i absoluty love the thing... it has great distortion and gain and the tone is amazing.. i would recommend this amp to anyone.



By DimebagRazorback

from Canada

This amp is amazing! Its built like a tank. Im only fifteen and i have been playing for 6 years and this amp is going to last me forever. The only problem is im not aloud to turn the master volume past 4 :( Neighbours complain! The thing about this amp that seperates it from all the others i have owned is that the louder your turn ti up the better it sounds. I reccomend this amp to anyone whos plays Pure Heavy Metal./m/(O.o)/m.

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