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Marshall JMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head

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The 50W Marshall JMD50 digital guitar amp head, offers a balanced mixture of classic all-tube power and studio-quality effects, all wrapped up into a...Click To Read More About This Product

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Explore a vast sonic range with 50 watts of processor power and tube warmth that only Marshall can deliver.

The 50W Marshall JMD50 digital guitar amp head, offers a balanced mixture of classic all-tube power and studio-quality effects, all wrapped up into an amazing Marshall package. The JMD50 amp, part of Marshall's JMD:1 series, uses this technology to create a vast library of tone styles firmly rooted in the foundations of Marshall amplifiers. The Marshall JMD50 head provides interpretations of unmistakable classic sounds and a variety of combinations. These are delivered in 16 easy-to-access topologies, replicated from component level information for a truly natural and interactive playing experience.

The digital and tube combination for JMD50 50W amplifier head
After working closely with the digital experts from Softube, Marshall created a digital and tube amplifier solution that offers a multitude of tones, allowing the guitarist to experience and experiment with a variety of preamplifier topologies from Marshall's history, all in combination with the power and warmth of a traditional EL34 based power amp stage.

The Marshall JMD50 head is a compilation of amp tones created by Marshall over the last 45 years, from a vintage plexi, to a JCM 800, all the way through to a high gain JVM. For instance, have you ever wondered what a 1974 preamp would sound like through a monster 50W tube stage with a hint of reverb for ambience? The Marshall JMD50 amp lets you do that. Do you want to try a Guv'nor pedal through the power of a Marshall 50/50 power amp and a hi-fi style delay? The JMD50 amp head lets you do that too. What makes the JMD50 head so adaptable and versatile, is that it is completely programmable, allowing you to store your sounds and then access them again with ease.

Marshall's delicate balance between technology and tone
Instead of trying to mimic the overall sound of an amplifier by simply creating a copy of the tone that is generated, the JMD50 takes into account every nuance of a preamp. Not only recreating the tone accurately, but also how the unit reacts when you make adjustments to the equalization.

The familiar Marshall front panel is extensive in features and easy to navigate. Selecting the preamp sound you want is as simple as choosing one of the 16 sounds from the rotary preamp control. This section has been divided into 4 separate groupings for ease; Clean, Crunch, OD, and Lead. From there, all you have to do is set up your EQ section and choose and adjust which of the high-quality effects you desire. Storing this sound is just a case of holding down one of the 4 channel buttons on the amp or saving to the foot controller, storing everything from the EQ to the parameter of chosen effect. So now your able to go from a classic low-wattage tube sound with a hint of reverb, to a traditional high-gain '80s lead sound with delay for solos, to a scooped-out metal sound, incorporating chorus with the press of a button.

Marshall Custom FX
The effects section of the JMD50 amp head gives access to a host of popular effects, all of which have been tailored specifically to give the best possible response. Not only are the effects redesigned, they are also fully adjustable to be as subtle or extreme as you wish. The effects are divided into 3 separate stages, Modulation, Delay and also an independent Reverb.

Marshall Functionality from studio to the stage
With the included footswitch, the Marshall JMD50 can work to its full ability. The foot controller enables the player to store 4 sounds across 7 banks, giving the option of storing 28 sounds and the ability to access any of them at any given time. When sounds are stored in the foot controller or the amplifier it recalls everything apart from the master volume and the Presence. MIDI switching capabilities also allow the user to control the amplifier remotely, and add the possibilities of up to 128 configurations. Effects loops allow the player to add in any personalization they require, and the balanced line out contains the best Marshall cabinet simulations for recording a multitude of tones directly.

  • Power rating: 50W
  • Preamp: Digital Natural Harmonic Technology
  • Poweramp tubes: 2 x EL34
  • Preamp topologies: 16
  • Modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo
  • Delay effects: Hi-Fi Analogue, Tape, Multi
  • Tap tempo control
  • Reverb: Independent custom voiced
  • Midi Control: Midi in, Midi Thru
  • Stompware controller: supplied
  • Emulated line out: XLR
  • Headphone out: 1/4" jack
  • Line in: 1/4" jack
  • Preamp: 1/4" jack
  • Effects loop: Serial / Parallel -10dBV / +4dB with mix control
  • Speaker output: 1x16Ω, 1x8 Ω, 2x 16 Ω
  • Developed in the UK, manufactured in China

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MarshallJMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head

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(7 of 8 customers found this review helpful)


My Favorite Amp Ever

By Jeff Kohler

from Undisclosed

Comments about Marshall JMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head:

I've been playing over 30 years and have owned an array of tube and non-tube amps. Past 10 years spent on Mesa Boogies (Stiletto, Dual Rec, ElectraDyne) and Marshalls (DSL50 and Vintage Modern). This is the best of the bunch, and the least expensive I might add. For a gigging musician, it's great to have foot pedal access to a variety of cleans, crunch, ODs and lead, all with whatever effects you want to have on it. One step and you're good to go for the next tone. And very easy to operate, I programmed in 4 tones within 15 minutes and went out and did a gig with it and it sounded tremendous. Very authentic recreations of tones (I'm stuck on DSL clean/Plexi crunch/JMV Modern OD/Guvnor pedal lead). There's also a great JMP-1 channel for a cool 80s metalish tone and a detuned channel for the heavy stuff. I get tons of that great sustaining feedback when needed, and cleans up with the push of a button. Guitar volume knob stays responsive too when you need to tweak the tone. Coming off so many tube amps I hear nothing digital about this, and I've used digital amp modeling before. It's roaring tube output and I have yet to get this 50W head up to 5 on the master volume. If I could change one thing, I'd like to get a little hair on the clean channels, even with gain on 10 it's still pretty clean. But that's nitpicking. You can pick a crunch channel and back down the gain on the amp and vol on guitar and get the same type of results. Ultimate bang for the buck and if the thing cost more, I'd still buy one.

I have read a few complaints about it and it may be those complaints come from combo users. The www.marshallvintagemodern.com forum will have the most information for you on the JMD series. Several experienced users there.
10 rating is perfection so I can't go there, nor can I on any amp. But it's a great, great amp.
Feels solid, gigged with it for about 4 months now and no problems whatsoever. Easy to use (once you read the manual of course).
You get a lot of amp for the money here. 16 modes to choose from so you're bound to find a few that speak to you. Don't expect to love them all - but if you find a few, hey, that's a few more than you'll find on other regular tube amps. Effects are more than serviceable. Noise Gate is tremendous, tremolo excellent. I had better phasers/flangers/chorus using boutique pedals but these are fine. In fact I really like the quality of the delays, just not as adjustable as some pedals out there but what do you expect.

(5 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


Amazing amp!

By Just J.

from RI

See all my reviews

Comments about Marshall JMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head:

I am a tone chaser like everyone else whom plays guitar and wants the sound all the greats have put on albums and today's CD/mp3...With this said I am VERY satisfied that Marshall has taken a GIANT leap into what has become the future of sound.They took some of the greatest Marshall amps ever made and even combined a couple of them (Blues breaker & JCM 800- Blues breaker & Haze) and replicated the sound and attitude in this amps and installed them as preamp then stuck with an actual power tube post gain so the amp doesn't loose it's girth sound when it's cranked.I laugh at anyone whom says it's not a real Marshall because they used digital effects in the preamp instead of tubes. This is the future I hope Marshall stays on and I hope the next version of this endeavor Marshall has finely caught up to makes an amp with even more specific Marshall tones but add some tones from some of the guitar greats whom used Marshall in the past and the present...EVH, Randy Rhodes, Slash,George Lynch, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Jimmy Hendrix for some ideas.This is something I hope they consider doing...Soft tube worked with Marshall and nailed the Digital preamps perfectly...I hope they add more Marshall iconic players to the list of preamps in the next version of JMD...This amp is an amazing amp...THANK-YOU Marshall!

(4 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


Great tube amp!

By Rob L.

from Westchester, NY

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Comments about Marshall JMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head:

This is a great Marshall TUBE amp. I stress tube because this is not an MG or a line 6 trying to sound tube. I own a DSL and an MG series combo and I'm telling you this sounds like an all tube Marshall. The cleans are great and the DSL clean setting is dead on (I have A/B'd it). The quality of the 16 amp settings are top notch. My DSL is great for what it does but this amp lets me get a Plexi or JCM800 sound with the press of a button. This amp only does Marshall tones but it does them well. The foot pedal lets you save many settings, turn on/off effects, delay etc. BTW the delays and reverb are great. The noise gate on this amp is awesome. I use chorus on a few settings but don't really use the other effects. It really takes out 95% of the noise and hiss without affecting your tone. You're gonna read some people knocking this head because there is a "digital" aspect to it but don't forget the power section is all tube and there is a tube in the pre-amp section. When you turn down your guitar volume, it cleans up like a good tube amp. If you buy this amp don't forget that the cabinet and speakers you are going through are almost as important as the amp. I am using it through a 4x12 vintage modern and sometimes a 2x12 Avatar cab with V30s. Both are great cabs but sound very different. I have also been using this for direct recording into pro-tools and I swear it sounds like a mic'd amp. I have been using a POD for recording but this is gonna replace that - it's that good. If you want great versatility and a variety of Marshall tube amp tones and effects, buy this amp!

(3 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Revised Review

By Guido-QJXN6

from SLc

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Comments about Marshall JMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head:

I actually have the 1x12 combo. I have to take back a previous somewhat negative review. My amp had a bad tube and was really under biased. I put new tubes in it and biased it a little hot. I also let it break in more and ran the speaker on a variac to loosen it up. I really like the amp now. It behaves a lot like a tube amp in the sense that it really reacts to the guitar and pickups. I was also comparing it to my modified tube amps that I have including a Fuchs ODS 50 and a modded Carvin x100b. For a digital hybrid amp, it really kicks butt and its really fun to play. It goes from spanky cleans (push the preamp though,don't worry, it won't clip) to greasy blues, to chunky rythm, to over the top gain. There are some models I don't like, but its rare that you'll like all the models on any modeling amp. I still think its a bit overpriced but in comparison to other digital hybrids, its the better of them all. Its way better than the Vyper in tone and feel, haven't tried the new Line 6, but that sucker is more expensive, heavier, and no effects. It would have to be a really killer amp to justify its price against the JMD. The only somewhat negative stickler is that its hard to get pinch harmonics with some models. I don't know if that's inherent in the amps models themselves or the digital processing.

(2 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


Not at all what I expected

By BobbyG

from Atlanta, GA

Comments about Marshall JMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head:

Very shrill, digital and synthetic sounding preamp models sounds that required massive EQ between 800 to 3000 Hz to remove ice pick sounding high mids which results in a mud sound. Clean preamp settings are flat and not loud enough to have usable clean levels even with the power section turned way up. Heavy high gain sounds (using the Detuned and Heavy preamp models) are serviceable but if you want clean to crunchy tube sound look elsewhere. I really wanted this to work out because the foot switching is awesome but it just doesn't sound like a tube amp, it sounds like a cheap Digitech pedal plugged into a tube power amp. Ick.

(2 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Marshall JMD50 Head

By FenderBrad

from Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Comments about Marshall JMD1 Series JMD50 50W Digital Guitar Amp Head:

Is this amp like a 100% like a tube amp, No, but keep an open mind. In many ways it is better. I can not stop playing this amp. The JMD is a well designed amp with some great tones. Tones,I could not afford to have in all tube head(s). Also,I could get arid of all my pedals I have had sitting infront of my JMC 2000 head with the exception of my volume, wah, and looper. I own nothing but tube amps, with the exception of this keeper. My only consern, Clean tones may not be loud enough in JMD50, if you do not mic your cab. You may want to go to the 100 watt head. Tip, turn the Master Volume to 12 o'clock or higher to get the tube sound.

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