Randall RV412-100 400W 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet  

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With top-quality Celestion speakers, this cabinet is road-tough and performance-ready.

The 400W Randall RV412-100 speaker cabinet is perfectly matched to Randall's amp heads. With heavy-duty construction and hardware, the RV412-100 cabinet boasts 4 Celestion G12T 100W speakers for modern guitar sound. Finishing touches include black chrome steel grilles and black tolex covering.

With a massive 100W power rating, the Celestion G12H speakers modern sound means big bass presence as well as nice punch in the midrange. Whether playing clean or dirty, Celestion G12H-100 speakers sound great. The bass is tight and full, with lots of low end character, the upper end is bright, but not piercing, and can handle lots of power. It's a great all-around speaker—from clean to dirty, from crunch to heavy overdrive, the Celestion G12H-100 speaker holds its own.

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  • Speakers: four 12" Celestion G12H-100
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