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As a drummer, you know your bass drum plays an integral part in almost all of your rhythms. It's a staple in almost all genres of music, from country to heavy metal, and its sound continues to be refined and perfected. With our wide assortment of bass drum parts you can easily enhance and customize your sound until it's just the way you like it. Some people just think a drum is a drum, but you know better. Listen to any two recordings and you'll quickly discover that the sound of a drum can vary greatly from kit to kit. There are seemingly infinite ways to tweak your sound to make sure it's just right for you. The simple question you need to ask yourself when searching for parts for your bass drum is, "What kind of sound am I looking for?" If you're looking for a punchier sounding bass drum, you may want to invest in an enhancement port. Enhancement ports focus the air in your drum through to one exit point, allowing for enhanced compression and a rich, deep tone you'll absolutely love. Enhancement ports come in a variety of sizes and fit bass drums and floor toms alike, giving your drums the precise sound you are looking for. Lifting your bass drum off the ground is another way you can greatly benefit your resonance and tone. There are a range of lifts, platforms and spurs available to achieve this effect. Experimenting with lifts can drastically change the way your drum sounds, giving you a stand out style in any genre. Whether you're focused on the aesthetics of your kit or the tone, there are a variety of drum parts that can absolutely be to your benefit. Any great musician will tell you that he's constantly tinkering with his kit, searching for the perfect sound. With a wide array of parts only a click away, you too can begin experimenting


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