Magic Valve Piston Valve Cleaner   

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Restores valve action.

The Magic Valve Piston Valve Cleaner is a simple do-it-yourself system. It removes deposits from valves and valve casings. The Magic Valve Cleaner is a fine powder that is 100% water-soluble, biodegradable, and free ofharsh chemicals that would harm silver-plated or lacquer finishes. The Piston Valve Cleaner gently removes dirt and deposits that keep piston valves from working properly. The Magic Valve Piston Valve Cleaner includes complete instructions and is available in a 0.3- or 1-ounce container and is for use on trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, alto horn, baritone horn, euphonium, and tuba piston valves.


  • Gently removes deposits without harming the instrument

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