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As any experienced cello player will tell you, there is no shortage of exceptionally made cello strings available. To ensure you get a clear and dynamic range throughout every practice and performance, this section includes a massive selection of choices from the world's most renowned stringed-instrument brands. From D'Addario and Thomastik to Prim, Glasser and Jargar, you'll have no problem finding the perfect set of cello strings for you.If you're new to buying cello strings, it's important to remember that they come in three different sizes: Light, medium and heavy. Each of these gauges produce their own unique characteristics that greatly influence the sound, volume and playability of the instrument. Of course, what you decide upon will really come down to your own personal preference, but it never hurts to try out various styles to see which ones you like best. One of the most popular string sets in this catalog comes courtesy of Larsen. Their Soloist Strings from Denmark offer balanced carrying power and extraordinary timbre. Exceptionally suited for large-bodied instruments, the Larsen Soloist Series cello strings are highly recommended for single performances. Another fantastic option is the D'Addario Prelude cello string set. Specifically designed for novice players, this set consists of solid steel core strings that are excellent for students. Bright, durable and easy on the hands, these strings are ideal for Piezo and magnetic pickups, and blend well in a variety of musical genres, including country, classical and modern jazz.An instrument that's as exquisite and dignified as the cello should only be played with strings that are carefully crafted by experts. Thankfully, you'll find more than enough options to pick from right here. So when you're ready to give the performance of a lifetime, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're equipped with a set of strings that are designed with only the finest quality materials.