Primary Sonor GBXP1 Diatonic Deep Bass Xylophone

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The Primary Line GBXP1 Diatonic Deep Bass Xylophone has 16 bars, C - A' with F#, Bb, and F#' bars. 35 x 18mm bars are made of high-quality African rosewood, greatly enhancing the sound quality of each xylophone.

The Primary line consists of Orff instruments designed to deliver the fantastic performance of all Sonor instruments with the affordability and durability demanded by the elementary music education environment. Built in Sonor's German facilities using all-birch resonator boxes and 100% glued seams for resonance and clarity, the bass xylophones include brackets for leg or stand attachment, reinforced endplates, flexible rubber pins for bar placement, and note names conveniently printed in the center of the bars.


16 - 35 x 18mm bars
C - A' with F#, Bb, and F#' bars
High-quality African rosewood
Overtone-tuned precisely to A440
All-birch resonator boxes with glued seams for resonance and tonal clarity
Flexible rubber pins allow easy removal/replacement of bars
Boxes fitted with brackets for adjustable legs or mobile stand
Reinforced endplates for carrying support Includes mallets