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If you have a certain family member or friend who is a fanatic about a certain musical artist or instrument brand, then you know that their passion goes far beyond simply listening to the music itself. More often than not, music lovers' homes are filled with everything from wall posters to kitchen magnets and, in the case of this catalog, collectible figures. Whether you're looking for a miniature replica of an iconic Gibson Les Paul or a statuette of a favorite composer, you'll most likely find it in this selection of collectible figures.

The fact that most of these items are top sellers should be a good indication that you're definitely in the right section for a music-related collectible figure. Practically ever music taste is represented in these pages. Take for example, Axe Heaven's choices: they craft exact miniature replicas of guitars made famous by everyone from Jimi Hendrix and Randy Rhoads to Jimmy Page, B.B King and Willie Nelson.

Hal Leonard also has an option here: the John Lennon Give Peace a Chance Acoustic Guitar Model is a 10" ornamental replica that's handcrafted with solid wood and even features metal tuning keys.

And don't think for a second that collectible figures are only for the rockers - Willis Music's extensive line of 5" statuettes are perfect for any fan of the music-based Fine Arts. From Bach and Mozart to Haydn, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, these beautifully-crafted white porcelain figures have a felt bottom and contain the composer's name and dates.

And there are other choices here as well. In fact, the AIM Brass Conductor Figurine is a finely-detailed statuette that would make a great gift for your band teacher or musical mentor. In the band room, living room or even in your office cubicle, these collectible figures look terrific anywhere you place them. To put it simply, they're just another fun way to show off your love for all things music.