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Orange Amplifiers has always been unique within the music world. With amps known for their bold colors that you can see a mile away (and also hear!) Orange has been a staple on stages all around the world since the company was founded in 1968 by Clifford Cooper. Originally, these amplifiers were sold as a means to an end, in this case to cover the overhead costs for Cooper’s top of the line recording studio. However, as sales increased, it became very apparent that Cooper’s calling was in amplifying sound, not recording it. Today, Orange Amplifiers combo guitar amplifiers are among the most popular in the world, with a wide variety of legends and up-and-comers plugging into them. Even looking at a tiny sampling of Orange artists is enough to make your jaw drop. Jimmy Page of the mighty Led Zeppelin, Sylvain Sylvain of the iconic New York Dolls, James Bowman of Against Me!, Quinn Allman of The Used, Mathew Healy of the 1975, and more trust their sound to Orange amps from the opening riff to the closing bow.

Orange makes some seriously powerful combo amps that any artist can take advantage of, so having a solid idea of what you’re looking for can go a long way in helping narrow down your choices.  For example, if you’re looking for a killer practice amp, the Micro Crush PiX series amps may be perfect for you. These amps may be tiny, but there’s nothing tiny about their sound. Ideal for jamming, these amps can give you that inimitable Orange sound when your space is at a premium.

If you’re looking for an amp with a little more power, check out an option from the Crush Pro series like the Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp. This 60W amp offers incredible tonal clarity and definition. With a clean and dirty channel, you can get everything from a clear, warm vibe, to punched up grimy distortion at the flick of a switch. This versatile beast is a great addition to your setup.

Orange Amplifiers look really good, there’s no denying that, but looks can only get you so far. With unmatched power and durability, these combo guitar amps will keep you sounding incredible, whether you’re jamming in basement or starting the third leg of your world tour.