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With their rich and distinctive sound, the concert vibraphone is an unsung hero amongst marching bands and jazz ensembles. A close relative of the xylophone, the vibraphone is commonly played with either mallets or sticks, and constructed with metal alloy. Like any musical instrument, learning the vibraphone can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. And throughout this section, you'll find more than enough options to choose from. Many of the world's most well-known musical instrument brands specialize in their own impeccably designed concert vibraphones, and you'll find no shortage of the best vibraphone models right here in this section. From Adams and Yamaha to Majestic and Musser, these companies take great pride in crafting concert vibraphones that are strong, sturdy, and capable of producing crisp and clear harmonics through an abundance of practices and performances. One of the best-selling concert vibraphones comes courtesy of Yamaha. The YV520C Standard Silver vibraphone is a 3-octave standard vibe featuring 1-1/4" non-graduated silver bars and a matching resonator. Hugely responsive, this concert vibraphone comes with a cover, and it's perfect for jazz clubs and small venues. Another highly recommended choice is the Musser M-75 Century 3-octave vibraphone. Consisting of a wide sustain pedal and gold-finished bars, this concert vibraphone's stunning beauty is a superb match for its powerful and resonating tone.Although the vibraphone is typically used in jazz bands and orchestras, it's actually quite versatile, and can easily be incorporated into other musical genres. In fact, famous popular recording artists such as Neil Young, Frank Zappa and Paul Weller have all used vibraphones throughout their careers. When you are looking to expand your musical horizons, there's no telling how creative you can get. And whether you're an orchestral student, a professional soloist, or a risk-taking rocker, the vibraphone is wonderfully unique musical instrument.