Blue Bottle Rocket Stage One Condenser Microphone  

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The innovative mic system with up to nine interchangeable capsules.

The Blue Bottle Rocket Stage One is a condenser microphone that uses interchangeable capsules, including the 9 vintage lollipop-style Blue Bottle Caps. The Class-A discrete solid state Blue microphone has a bayonet-mounting system for unlimited flexibility, and a wide variety of tonal characteristics and pickup patterns—all in one mic.

Precision-designed and hand-assembled, the Bottle Rocket Stage One mic is crafted for a lifetime of use. Compared to similar microphones, the Blue Stage One has a very low self noise specification (<7.5dB) and a very high output level (+12dBV), making it a perfect choice for today's high sample rate/deep word length digital platforms.

Instead of integrated circuit chip, the Blue Stage One microphone employs a transformerless Class A discrete amplifier circuit to ensure the most accurate and noise-free signal possible with minimal distortion and coloration. The Bottle Rocket Stage One is an ideal microphone for recording virtually any sound source. In addition to the microphone, the Bottle Rocket Stage One also includes Blue's high-definition 20-AWG mic cable and custom spider shockmount.

Capsules designed for any mission

Both the Stage One and Stage Two Bottle Rockets can take advantage of the Bottle Caps, Blue's family of 9 interchangeable capsules with different tonal characteristics and pickup patterns. Each Bottle Cap is designed to provide the recordist with the ultimate sonic solution for their respective application. Get them all and you'll have an entire Blue mic cabinet at your fingertips. The Stage One comes with the B8 All-Purpose "TPO—The Popular Opinion" Bottle Cap.

The Bottle Caps

• B0 Capsule (270709) — Airy top end, silky vocal sound

• B1 Capsule (270710) — Ultimate acoustic instrument mic

• B2 Capsule (270711) — Vintage, rich ribbon sound with muted top end and detailed midrange

• B3 Capsule (270712) - Accurate, neutral sound

• B4 Capsule (270713) - Live and orchestral applications

• B5 Capsule (270714) - Dramatic top and bottom

• B6 Capsule (270715) - The renowned Blue sonic signature—smooth, liquid presence

• B7 Capsule (270716) - Today's vintage sound

• B8 Capsule - All-purpose "TPO" (The Popular Opinion) sound—the default Bottle Cap


  • Usable with 9 interchangeable "Bottle Cap" capsules—get them all & it's like a full Blue mic locker at your fingertips
  • Precision-shaped and hand-assembled to Blue's standard of quality

Add the Stage One to the cart and experience the tonal quality and versatility of the Bottle Cap capsules.

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