DigiTech Screamin' Blues Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal   

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Weep, wail, and moan with blues-drenched tone.

The DigiTech Screamin' Blues Overdrive Distortion Pedal is designed for guitarists who need a pedal that gives them total control of their tone and is highly responsive to playing dynamics. Playing the Screamin' Blues pedal lightly produces mild overdrive, but dialing up the gain and digging in hard makes it sing with ultrarich harmonics and sustain. Low and High tone controls give you the flexibility to boost or cut the bass and treble frequencies. The Level knob boosts the output level of your signal, and the Gain knob dials up the distortion. An Amp output on the DigiTech Screamin' Blues pedal goes to your amplifier and the dedicated Mixer output has a cabinet emulation circuit that lets you run direct into a mixer or recorder when you don't want to lug your amp along.


  • High, Low, Level, and Gain controls

Got the blues? If you don't have this pedal, you do. Get it now and learn to really cry.

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