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Yamaha Drum Hardware

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Yamaha is the biggest musical instrument manufacturer in the world - so you didn't think they'd stop at just the instruments themselves, did you? In fact, Yamaha's selection of drum hardware easily rivals any other contender. And, of course, it's backed by the impressive reputation that stands behind everything Yamaha builds. Getting your drum set positioned properly at every gig is an essential part of drumming, and here you'll find all the hardware that you need to make it happen.

The most basic parts of any kit are its stands, which come in several different kinds to suit your needs. If you want to gear up for your whole percussion rig at once, consider some of Yamaha's bundles, such as the HW-780 Drum Hardware Pack or 600 Series Double-Braced Hardware Pack. Another option that many drummers prefer over individual stands is to use a rack, which has the advantage of positioning your drums relative to one another so they'll always be spaced exactly the same when you set them up. Yamaha has a few rack choices for acoustic drums, as well as a specialized one for electronic drums: the R S500.

Naturally, there's more to building a great drum set than just stands and racks. You'll also need a few moving parts: pedals and hi-hat stands. Once again, Yamaha has your back. They've got plenty of these to choose from, with options to support any performer, from the beginner-friendly Yamaha 650 Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand to the advanced Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal. You can pick up the accessories you need to go with those here as well, such as bass drum beaters and hi-hat cymbal clutches.

Through the years, Yamaha has become renowned for bringing affordable yet world-class gear to musicians from all walks of life. It's a trend that definitely carries through to all this Yamaha drum hardware, built to take the beating that a percussionist will inevitably put it through. Whether you're a debutant drummer or a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty to like about Yamaha's lineup.