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Innovative Percussion Drum Sticks

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Innovative Percussion has been, as its name suggests, innovating within the world of percussion for over 20 years now. Committed to providing artists with the best drum sticks and the best service, Innovative Percussion offers unequaled gear for musicians. Innovative Percussion is known for the quality of the drum sticks they produce. This is because they take their time to make sure everything is done right. Each drum stick is carefully crafted to ensure it meets the incredibly high standards set at Innovative Percussion. The thought process at the company is actually pretty simple, Innovative percussion believes that with all the attention to detail given to percussion instruments, artists deserve sticks and mallets that are parallel in their quality.

Because of their high standards, it is no wonder that so many well-known percussionists exclusively use Innovate Percussion sticks. Artists such as Sheila E., Chris McHugh, Chad Wackerman, and more trust Innovative Percussion sticks in the studio, on the stage, and everywhere in between.

Innovative Percussion offers a wide assortment of sticks to suit your needs. Taking a moment to check out the different options available will help you figure out exactly which sticks are right for you. For example, if you just want a standard, expertly crafted set of sticks, check out the Combo Model Smooth Ride Drumsticks. These lightweight sticks feature extra-small tips that provide incredible brightness and clarity on cymbals that is perfect for jazz fusion. If, on the other hand, you're more of a rocker, have a look at the Combo Model Rock Drumsticks. These sticks feature a quick taper and beads that are barrel-shaped for broad projection, making them great for when you have to hit hard.

And this only scratches the surface. Innovative Percussion is committed to helping percussionists get the most out of their gear. With these quality drum sticks, you'll definitely be keeping the beat beautifully every time you sit behind a kit.