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Product 448714

Hart Dynamics Prodigy Electronic Drum Set and Alesis DM5 Module Kit

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In addition to the Alesis DM5 module, it includes a complete Prodigy kit (448712 - see customer products box) with all the basic features of the reno...Click To Read More About This Product

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It's ready to plug-and-play!

In addition to the Alesis DM5 module, it includes a complete Prodigy kit (448712 - see customer products box) with all the basic features of the renowned ACUPAD set. Kick pedal not included.

Alesis DM5 module
Single-trigger snare, 3 single-trigger drums for toms, and bass drum
Kontrol Screen woven heads
2 cymbal pads for crash and ride
Hi-hat pad/pedal
Pro-style rack with complete hardware

Order today and experience the creative potential of electronic drumming.


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Most Liked Positive Review


Must have gotten a lemon

I bought the Prodigy set with the Alesis DM5 module. After using it for only a month, two of the pads developed the same problem. The nuts on the bottom plate that hold...Read complete review

I bought the Prodigy set with the Alesis DM5 module. After using it for only a month, two of the pads developed the same problem. The nuts on the bottom plate that hold the tension rods popped through the plate, which meant I couln't tighten the heads. I called Hart Dynamics and left 2 voicemails and entered a trouble ticket on their website and it is now 3 weeks and haven't heard a word from them. They indicate 24/7 technical support, but it is nonexistent. I've returned my kit and I am awaiting its replacement. As for the kit itself, I do like it and hope my first experience was a fluke. I don't care for the rubber hi-hat and pedal, and have replaced that with a Pearl stand and 14" A series Zildjian hi-hats. I have had to tweak the settings on the Alesis module to get rid of false triggering. The cymbals work ok for crashes, but not as rides. So, I bought a 20" A series Zildjian ride. The real cymbals work well with the Prodigy set and I would recommend going that route for live gigs. Overall I really like the Prodigy feel, sound, and rack system. It's a great entry level set for the price, but because of my experience I can't rate the quality that high.


Most Liked Negative Review


They're okay...

I've had mine for only a few weeks and as much as I was looking forward to their arrival; I almost sent them back. False triggering was a real issue and then once I...Read complete review

I've had mine for only a few weeks and as much as I was looking forward to their arrival; I almost sent them back. False triggering was a real issue and then once I got past the false triggering I found they wouldn't trigger. I'm still dialing them in and they are close... but I suspect once I move them from the carpet to a different floor I may be starting over. After playing accoustics for nearly 40 years I prefer the mesh heads to the rubber, but the smaller-than-accoustic diameter rims are causing more dropped sticks in 3 weeks than the past 3 years... If you're used to accoustics be prepared for the tiny targets. For me, the horizontal mounting pipe for the high hat is also too short... I need about 3 more inches to the rear (also contributing to my dropped sticks). Decent sound, good action and the bass head is large enough for my DW7000 double peddles (double-triggering was a problem here, but that too can be adjusted). I bought these so I wouldn't have to constantly lug around my Pearls, but I think they'll end up as more of a practice set than a gig set. I will keep them, they're okay, just not great.

Reviewed by 55 customers

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Might as well throw it away!

By Chronbits420

from Rathdrum, ID

This set looks nice in the picture but is not a good quality set at all. The toms dont respond to drum rolls, and other drums and cymbals are often set off with a bass drum kick. This thing literally falls apart when you play it. Definitely not a good set for experienced drummers!



By twelveinchpianist

from NY

See all my reviews

I've been playing on an accoustic set for a few years now (probably like my eight) and I normally wouldnt go to electric. A few friends of mine had this set and I gave it a whirl. The beginning takes a bit to get used to, but afterall, It works wonders. I don't know what the other people are smoking, but this set is good for almost anything. I think the problem other people are having is too much power in the hits or that they're not setting it up properly. I personally would recomend this set to almost any friend that I know that plays drums or that needs something to make their current one better. And if you're not writing an honest review, please stop, it's a waste of this kick ass sites bandwidth.


Easy to use

By Ed Rolko

from Hamburg, Pennsylvania

This kit is a super value, it is easy to set up right out of the box, and the design is well thought out. The hardware rack is sturdier than it looks, so I have not experience any excessive shaking. It is also relatively light, making transporting the kit a breeze. The drum pads respond great, although I find using a reduced head tension on the bass pad to be helpful in rendering a more realistic bass drum "feel". The operating manual provided withthe Alesis module is first rate as far as manuals go. Learning to use the unit was not difficult, and the unit itself offers more user control than I expected. Outstanding sound quality is produced.


Whats up with the reviews???

By Neal Peart

from Citrus Heights, Ca

I have played a lot of different drum sets over the years. If people think that they are getting the best quality here go fish. Spend the money on something better. As far as this kit goes. For the money it a steal for the novice player. Everything in life has it's purpose. To compair this to a more expensive set. Is like compairing a $99.00 fender strat to a SRV strat. Or a vw bug to a porsche. So get real. For the price the kit rocks.


Best for beginners

By Cyllakjaw

from Springfield, MO

This set is great for the beginner that doesn't want to bother the neighbours. The mesh drums give a good feel. The modulator is some what confusing in the begining if you want to set things up differently than the factory settings. the sounds are good except when really fast. Some times it will cut out and miss a hit. An audio in would have been great to listen and play along with music, but you'll have to buy a mixer. If things are not tightened correctly or are set to close to other parts, the vibration from one hit will cause sound to come from other drums. The Cymbals seem to have a problem with this. Just move them away, tighten them up and be wary of the wires. Over all i really like this set and would recomend it to anyone that wants an electric set but not a $3K set. It is a great value.


Review from Scorpion

By Scorpion27

from Idaho Falls, ID

See all my reviews

When I finally got to move into an apartment I sadly had to leave my acoustic drumset behind, so there was a mad dash to find a cheap good electronic set so as to still keep my chops and not annoy the neighbors. I did my homework i finally decided on this bad boy. Now this isnt the greatest electronic set but it is the best you are gonna get for the price. I have owned it for about 5 months. The best part of this set is the module, it is outstanding for the price (save it doesnt do variable hi-hat sounds). The rack and clamps arent the sturdiest around, but they hold. Only thing this kit needs is a good kick pad, the pads it comes with dont fair that well for kick (especially not good for double bass pedal). Other than that the set has good response and sounds great.


Be Very Careful Here

By Stix and Stones

from Citrus Heights, CA

It's important to know what you're buying. These drum pads are made of plastic, and they are very lightweight, so they have a tendency to pick up unwanted harmonics and false triggering. I even went to Alesis' web site and Hart Dynamics' website to get their recommended adjustments. Still weren't working well. Also, the edges around the mesh heads that stick up are made of plastic, so you know when you hit them with your stick - Crack! The rack clamps are cheap plastic, so even when you clamp them down hard, the rack comes loose. The cymbals are just plain cheap also. Thin plastic with foam rubber dampners that shred as you hit them.When I hit the bass pedal and the high hat at the same time, the bass pedal would cancel out the high hat sound. Never could get that to change. Also beware, you have to pay to ship this stuff back and it's heavy - $$$. All in all, don't buy it. Go to the store, test one out, and buy what you like.


These are great value

By Bluesman Sammy Guy

from Lehigh Valley, Pa

See all my reviews

I purchased one of these for my wife, who is the drummer in my band. We wanted a digital set so that the clubs where we play at a lower volume would be happy. I thought these would just be average, but these things are incredible! I don't know what everyone else's problem is with these, but if they take the time to learn their instruments they would have no problem. We are extremely pleased with the Hart Dynamics Prodigy and the Alesis DM5 module that came with it. It took us about a day to tweek it out and get the sounds we want, and for the money, you can't beat it.


whats wrong with this thing???

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I received the kit in the mail,hook it up,and right away i am very impressed.But....A couple weeks later,the modual just quits working.I sent it back and they sent me a new one.that was very pleasing. about another 2...3 months pass bye,and it just up and quits working again.whats going on?


Great Set and sound for a low price

By drummer4life-k8xvv

from lisle, il

the setup is simple and easy to use. could use a few more symbals but otherwise a great set for a low price


alright for the begginer drummer

By Goalieman92

from State Line, Pa

See all my reviews

easy adjustments.tons of sound choices.can be outfited with headphones(so the kids don't drive you or the neighbors). though myself would perfer for the starter a Pearl Forum Fusion 5-Piece Drum set and the zildjian zbt cymbol pack for the same price.i'd take acoustic over trigger any day.you can do much more with the acoustic.


E-drums cant plug and play

By Dave - SonicOrbStudios

from NJ

See all my reviews

Let me start off by saying that I don't own this kit. I use a custom made trigger setup that I did for myself which is a little better than these small pads.I have however used a Alesis DM5 and Roland modules and here is what you have to expect from e-drums.You can not just plug in and play...well you can but wont get the most out of your kit.Take the time and read the manual well then go though all the settings and setup so the pads are triggering as best as they can.Sure it's easier to set up an acoustic set but you only get one sound out of one tom or snare. This has loads of kits.The triggers in this set are good I'm going to guess and so if you really want some great sounds and kits I suggest everyone swap out the DM5 for a Roland TD series module, (Like a TD3, TD6, TD8, or even TD12 if you have the money) as the DM5 has given me trouble in the past with not triggering all the time and didn't like solid drum rolls.Also, if you get a TD6V module from Roland be sure to look into the vexpression kits online for download as they really add some great sounds and triggering to your module.



By Scott Phillips

from Scottsbluff, NE

I have to admit, I was not impressed with it when I was unpacking it. But, as soon as I got it set up and started playing I realized that it was everything that I had hoped it would be. The cymbals were a little weak, but I turned up the gain on them to my liking. If I was buying again, I would not hesitate to purchase this set or any other Hart Dynamics products.


Prodigy is a great value

By Kevin-jqfsX

from Fenton, MO

I have been playing acoustic drums for over 40 years and recently made the plung and bought a Prodigy. While it looks like a bunch of black pipe and black plates, it's playablility is right up there with sets costing 5 times as much! The screen heads offer an amazing response and can be tuned to suit your preferences. For those who like the feel of real plastic drum heads, the Prodigy can use standard 8" drum heads. I am using an Alesis D4 (the old version of the DM5) and it works great. I'm still getting used to it but I forsee playing live with it within the next 2 weeks.



By rollerking

from brentwood N.Y.

My church "time square church"has this exact product. After service I run to this set to practice my skills.I love this product it fulfilles allmy needs for precussion.


Good set for the home

By adman1048

from Durant, OK

I bought this set for my permanent garage set-up and I am not completely dissapointed. Good sounds, good response. I had the same problem as the other guy. The little nuts that hold the tensions rods break the platic or slip right thru after a reasonable amount of tension is applied. I fixed this problem on 2 pads by taking a washer OFF the top (so the tension rod would clear the bottom) and adding a larger one on the bottom. This way the little gold nut is actually on the OUTSIDE of the bottom. Tedious but it works. Again...the crash is good the ride isn't. Don't think I would take this set on the road but for a home set....it's fine.


A person that is looking for drums

By addictedt'drums

from clinton

This electronic drum set is awsome. It has almost everyting that i need to start playing. One thing that might be better is is have a drum pedal but otheer than that it is awsome and something that u need to get right away!!!!!


Lets be realistic

By r'et|ro-spect drummer

from NY

Face it these are not Roland, if you wanted/could afford Roland that?s what you?d get. They are the industry leader with mesh head electronic kits. I bought the kit for a couple of reasons, wanted a PRACTICE kit for when the kids are asleep, wanted the triggers to supplement my acoustic kit and it was on sale. So with that said I purchased them with reality in mind, I?m not going to get an e-kit that I can gig with for this price. When considering purchasing this kit if you are planning on gigging with it consider buy an inexpensive acoustic kit and damper it down if you don?t want the volume. But if you simply want to practice or possibly rehearse with this kit it?s perfect. Not to mention it?s a good start, if you want to replace the mesh heads with better quality you can do that one at a time.


Does what it promises

By The Great Milenko

from Anniston, AL

I was very impressed within 10 minutes of hooking this set into my PA system (Yamaha EM66 with 2 BR12 cabs). I had to increase the gain on the ride, like in all the other reviews. After that it was great. I look forward to recording without having 10 mics run everywhere. The set is great quality, though I wouldn't play speed metal on it. I could see the drums sliding aruond, cross talk from the heavy hitting, and maybe the sample rate not being high enough for ultra insane rolls. But that's to be expected from an electronic set, to a degree


pretty good stuff.

By Johnny5-HkeQV

from Undisclosed

I like the way the samples sound. The Alesis DM-5 module is a great companion to this electronic drumset. It's a very user friendly device, especially for recording in my studio. BUY IT!

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