Hornets Drumsticks   

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An exciting drumstick set to redefine the industry.

Award-winning product designer Robert Wilhelm has teamed up with Kingfield Wood Products, former manufacturer of Vic Firth drumsticks, to create a very natural-feeling, ergonomic drumstick that feels and looks like no other sticks on the market.

Hornets drumsticks offer an ergonomic, contoured handle and proprietary rubber o-rings designed to relieve forearm pressure and reduce shock to the wrist. Made from first quality American hickory and hard rock maple, HORNETS drumsticks fit comfortably in the hand to function as a natural extension of the drummer's arm.


  • Contoured handle helps reduce forearm tension
  • O-rings help reduce vibration
  • O-rings work on cymbals as a mallet
  • Improved grip for reduced slippage
  • Pitch-paired

Once you're stung by Hornets you won't want to play anything else! Order today.

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