Tama Starclassic Performer Bubinga/Birch Custom Snare Drum   

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This custom drum is finished with a truly beautiful outer ply of African bubinga.

The Tama Starclassic Performer Bubinga/Birch Custom Snare Drum has 7 inner plies of birch—for the rich tonality that only thin birch can supply—paired with an inner ply of African bubinga. The harder, thicker bubinga accentuates birch's distinct tone and projection. The combination of the 2 tonewoods creates a more powerful, deeply rounded sound that is unlike any other drum. The Tama Starclassic snare drum is finished with a gorgeous single outer ply of bubinga.


  • Outer ply of bubinga
  • Seven plies of birch
  • Inner ply of bubinga
  • 7.5mm shell
  • Evans heads
  • MCS70A/MCA70B strainer
  • MS20SN14S snare wires
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