Zildjian ZHT 4 Pro Box Cymbal Set   

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Cymbals that sound rich and complex without taxing your budget.

The ZHT 4 Pro Cymbal Set features cymbals that are medium weight and blend well in a wide variety of styles. Zildjian's ZHT cymbals are created to give you rich and complex cymbal sounds without taxing your budget.

This Zildjian cymbal pack includes 14" hi-hats, a 16" medium-thin crash, 20" medium ride, and a free 18" ZHT fast crash. These cymbals are bright sounding, melodic and are excellent for a wide range of styles from jazz to rock to country.


  • 14" hi-hats
  • 16" medium-thin crash
  • 20" medium ride

Add the ZHT Pro Pack to your drum set and get in the Zildjian groove. Order now.

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