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For guitarists, there's no better way to get creative than by using effects pedals. To ensure everything in your collection is together and in working order, pedal boards are a perfect solution, and Pedal Pad is a leader in pedal boards that are high in quality craftsmanship and rugged, road-ready durability.

Since 2000, Pedal Pad has been dedicated to designing remarkable pedal boards for serious musicians who care strongly about their gear. Whether you're a non-stop touring road dog or a weekend warrior, you can be sure that Pedal Pad takes great pride in the manufacturing of their pedal boards, and that every board constructed is easy-to-use, and built to provide maximum protection.

Throughout the Pedal Pad catalog, you'll find an extensive selection of pedalboards ranging in sizes and styles for various playing situations. One of Pedal Pads best sellers is the AXS-XL pedalboard. Featuring a concealed cable routing compartment and a pitched and hinged pedal surface, this board offers more than enough protection for your pedals, and has a lightweight design that makes transportation effortless. Another great option is the Pedal Pad AXS Road Buddy pedalboard. Specifically made for players that are nitpicky about keeping their performance area mess-free, the ramped pedal surface makes it easy to attach a pedal anywhere on the board, and overall offers exceptional security for your equipment.

It doesn't take long before guitarists have more pedals in their collection than they can name. But that's where pedal boards come in handy. Keeping all of your effects pedals together in one spot will not only save you plenty of setup time, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your valuable effects pedals are safe and secure. For that, look no further than Pedal Pad to keep your equipment looking and working as superb as the day you bought it.