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Electronic drums aren't really drums at all. In fact, they're synthesizers made to mimic the sound of an acoustic drum kit, offering you a full suite of sounds that will take your rhythms to unbelievable new heights. From its first noted use by Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues on their 1971 album "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor," through to its modern status as a must have for touring and casual musicians alike, electronic drums open your kit up to an almost limitless world of possibility. One of the best features of an electronic drum kit is that you control the volume. As a drummer, you know it can be a hassle to find a time and place to practice that won't bother your friends, family and neighbors. With an electronic drum kit, location is no longer an issue. Simply keep the volume low or, even better, plug in your headphones and rock out as hard as you want. Just because you can keep the volume low, doesn't mean you have to keep the volume low. Electronic drums definitely get loud, reacting to your hits for a true to life drumming experience. The harder you hit your electronic drums, the louder they are going to sound, allowing you to fill any room with your unbeatable grooves. With electronic drum kits, you have unparalleled access to different tones, set ups and styles to perfect your sound. Certain kits, such as the Simmons SDX5, include pre-set songs to play along and learn with, while more advanced kits like the SD1000 offer hundreds of drum, percussion and cymbal combinations to complement any style of play. Whether you're looking for versatility an acoustic drum kit can't provide, or just for a way to hone your skill in a quiet environment, an electronic drum kit will be a valuable addition to your musical space. With options that will suit all kinds of play, the exploration of the unlimited sounds offered is only the beginning of what one of these exciting electronic kits can provide.