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Product 517186

Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Neck Electric Guitar   

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The feel and sound of the original '50s Les Paul comes from the classic hefty neck design of the Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Neck Electric Guitar. ...Read More

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Exclusive Alnico V pickups with classic neck and head.

The feel and sound of the original '50s Les Paul comes from the classic hefty neck design of the Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Neck Electric Guitar. With a smaller peghead, push-in-bushing green tuning keys, and nickel hardware. You get staggering looks with brilliant transparent finishes on figured maple tops. BurstBucker V pickups feature Alnico V magnets like those used in the P90s from the '50s. One coil has more wraps than the other, as did most '50s and early '60s "Patent Applied For" coils. These waxed, double-potted pickups deliver a tighter, balanced, biting tone with more midrange. Mahogany body and neck with rosewood fretboard. Gibson includes a hardshell case with your '50s Neck Les Paul Standard Guitar.

  • Mahogany body and fat '50s neck
  • Carved Maple top
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Alnico V Standard humbucker pickups
  • Green keystone tuners
  • Top and fretboard binding

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(based on 65 reviews)

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Most Liked Positive Review



Over the years, I have purchased several Gibson type/model/series, to include the Les Paul Standard, BB-King, Les Paul Deluxe, ES-137 Custom, ES-335, Les Paul Studio, and...Read complete review

Over the years, I have purchased several Gibson type/model/series, to include the Les Paul Standard, BB-King, Les Paul Deluxe, ES-137 Custom, ES-335, Les Paul Studio, and SG. I have finally rested upon three, the Les Paul Standard 50's neck ("Goldie), BB and ES-137 Custom ("Gertrude"). The broad ranges of tone that are produced via the three different sets of pickups, coupled with the solid and/or semi-hollow body configuration, provide me an absolute freedom for expressing my chosen genre of music. During the past three years, I have noted an amazing increase in Gibson?s quest to improve their aesthetic detail, playability and quality control. Even their Studios have revealed workmanship that was once reserved for the higher-end instruments. I recently purchased a 2005 Les Paul Standard (Amberburst) and am literally shocked at what I see and hear each time I perform with her. As a side note, Boss effects pedals and The Gibson are matches made in heaven -AND- for those of you who are caught up in the hype believing that a Les Paul + Marshall = best tone, IGNORE them and get a Fender Deluxe or Deville (install EH 12AX7 and EH 6L6GCs Tube, biased at 68 mv). You shall open up sonic landscapes that will blow-away the Marshall competition. I know, many of you die-hard rock-n-and-rollin' Marshall or Mesa Boogie folks will still disagree with me, but I promise you that I have diligently compared and gigged with them all over the previous thirty years. Fender amplifiers (with the right tubes and biasing) are much more reliable and tonally sweet than any Marshall (reissue or whatever). Mesa Boogie is my second choice. When Gibson sued Paul Reed Smith, I nearly boycotted the ?Big G? and anxiously waited for it to all be over so I could purchase a Singlecut and see for myself what the legal nonsense and hype was all about. However, the suit worked for us consumers, because I believe that during the period that the Singlecut was removed from the supply chain, it forced Gibson to reconnoiter their quality/standards and get back in line producing a better guitar. Although I believe Gibson may have acted a bit selfishly, I still remain a faithful customer. However, I will eventually add a PRS Singlecut to my collection as the market is flooded. I have a really great thought-provoking question out there for you folks to ponder upon for a while: Are Japanese consumers getting better-quality U.S.-made guitars? The answer is undoubtedly ?YES!? I know for a fact that the Gibson and Fender guitars that adorn their stores have the highest Quality Assurance adornment than ones that flop from hanging pegs across America. Case and point, I have been stationed in Japan over the course of 25 years (on-and-off), and I will tell you that a Les Paul or Stratocaster that falls into a Japanese musician?s grip is beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt the best that the Gibson factory produces. Perhaps the relationship with quality that they transpose within their Toyota and Honda marketing strategies should be a testament to all of us. Final question: Since they demand great quality and enforce this standard within their own country, would they not demand the best from another country abroad? HMMMMM? The intent of this article was not to offend anyone, American or Japanese (or a Marshall or Mesa believer). I merely throw my viewpoints out there for others to chew on. Please allow me to get that fact adequately recorded. As musicians (good ones that is), we all must remain open-minded, focused and try 'everything' in order to establish that ?Eric Johnson, Wes Montgomery or Chuck Loeb tone search? quest that we are all on. I have found mine. God bless you all?


Most Liked Negative Review


Only A Status Symbol

I have owned more guitars than I care to count over that last 30 plus years of being an active musician, currently own 6 guitars for different styles and sounds. A few months ago...Read complete review

I have owned more guitars than I care to count over that last 30 plus years of being an active musician, currently own 6 guitars for different styles and sounds. A few months ago I finely decided to give in an buy the "Dream Guitar" that I have always wanted, a Gibson Les Paul Standard. What a mistake, I usually can get rid of that typical G-string buzz pretty easily, but have not been able to do so with this guitar no matter how much I have tried to tweak it. The neck always feels sticky and slow, I am truly disappointed in this guitar, my "Dream Guitar" was a let down. I now view Gibson as simply an extremely overpriced status symbol that is not worth the high price they charge. If I could go back in time, I would not have bought this guitar. Instead I would have saved around a thousand dollars and bought another Strat.

Reviewed by 65 customers

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Buy LP Std 50's neck if U can find one!

By P.N.D.

from Leawood, KS

I was looking for a Gibson 335 or similar type of guitar and trying many different ones and gave this Desert Burst LP Std 50's neck a try. The frequently coined phrase "You just know it" was true for me with this guitar. Wow! Crunching chords, great sustain, mellow tones with neck pickup, blistering clean and hot bridge pickup, great intonation, killer classic LP tone and just a beauty with maple top stripes; ...I just had to have it. It plays wonderful and I have no regrets in buying this guitar which I will always own. The neck does get sticky after prolonged playing but I have used some steel wool and rubbing compound on neck to make much smoother, and is small detail I wish was better at beginning. Also, would love locking tuners, but these are very good and classic 'green keys'. Like some other reviews I have seen, I am not a big fan of new 2008 changes with asymmetric neck, etc. This guitar is surprisingly light w/ chambered body which feels great and sounds great, as I have never played an 'old' 59 LP but this guitar is everything and more outstanding than most of these great reviews. This guitar will likely be a highly sought after guitar in a few years, as the new LP's are very good, but this one with 50's 'Bball' neck has the right sustain, weight, awesome Burstbucker Pro pickups and great looks. I am really glad I bought it when I did and highly recommend to get one if you want a Les Paul without paying really big bucks. I got mine for about $1,900, a great deal for a great Gibson LP, like I said they may likely not be made like this again for a while. Also, absolutely love the Desert Burst color and the wife likes it....a defininte plus!



By Guitar Dreaming

from Midwest

I had some ver high end LP copies...none of them nailed the LP tone like this. Great Guitar!


Great Guitar for Rock and Many Other Genres

By eaganda

from Philippines

Nice features. Liked the 2 tone and 2 volume controls that most guitars don't have. Quality is very good. The quality is worth the price, but i do wish it could be less pricey.Don't expect it to be shiny when you get it, though. Mine was very much brand new when I got it. It still had the original staples on the box, but the nickel hardware has already tarnished. That is to be expected. Some metal polish / cleaner will make it better and shiny again. If you mind about the tarnishing nickel, don't worry because you can clean it up. Alternatively, get a chrome hardware model. Keep in mind, though, that the traditional hardware on Gibsons are nickel.The finish will fade as you play it, which some players like. better protect it with some polish first before using it, or have a pro redo the finish when it get worn.The 50's neck reminds me of playing a classical guitar. It's thicker than my Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-100s, and slightly thicker than my Squier. I don't realy mind about that.The sound that you get from the humbucker cannot be achieved from other guitars (... well, maybe it could be achieved). Using a Vox AD100VT, the Gibson sounds great. With the Vox amp all together, I also use my Les Paul with my Line 6 PodX3 Live and my Marshall combo (slightly modified by adding a 4 inch speaker for increasing the tonal range) and it also produces good sound.Don't mess with the truss rod anymore. It's made to perfection. Other settings are also fine fresh from the box. I do wish the string height was lower.It's pricey, but it's not the 50's anymore (except for the neck, sorry for adding the little joke). You can't find a great guitar for less money these days, wherever it is made. I recommend this guitar for all rockers and guitar lovers.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Neck

By D. Raney

from Phoenix, AZ

Well, this is my third Gibson USA Les Paul model. I have had a few SG models, ES-335?s, Firebirds and the like and they have always come and gone. Gibson Les Paul guitars, for me anyways, have always been the best sounding, sharpest looking, most versatile guitars available. I have both a 1992 Gibson LP Standard and a 2000 CS Historic Reissue '54 Les Paul Goldtop. This 2007 LP Standard is NOW by far my most prized GO-TO guitar; I own over 10 electrics alone. The tone on this one is amazing as are almost all Les Paul?s of this level but this one just really speaks to me. Sang right out of the box unplugged and over the last few months has only gotten better. The Heritage Cherry finish on mine along with the supplied AA maple top is outstanding, a real eye catcher. Wherever I play I always get at least one complement, sight and sound alike. The beefy '50s neck feels fatter and more comfortable than my Custom Shop '54 Goldtop, which cost me more than double and a half the price tag on this one. And that was back in 2001. I play through Vox and Fender amps and the results with both are always nothing short of complete satisfaction. This Les Paul Standard is a sonic champion! With the changes now occurring in Gibson?s 2008/2009 Les Paul Standard lineups I am glad I got this guitar when I did. It?s a keeper for sure!!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Amazed at the High Quality

By Guitar Dreaming

from Midwest

OK...the last new Gibson Les Paul that I bought was in 1981. Nice guitar...but this guitar is a CLEAR cut above. I played a bunch of 2007 50s neck LP and they were all great guitars. This one just had a voicing that spoke to me. I'm not commfortable with the changes that they are implementing on the electronics for the 2008 model so I bought one of the last 50s neck LPs. Super guitar.


Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Neck Electric Guitar

By XcrimsonCoreX-Wjax0

from Chicago

I've owned this guitar for quite a while now and I'ts amazing. I play mostly death metal and Les Paul Is'nt really the guitar most people would think of for that specific genre. Many would think Ibanez or Jackson. Well Ibanez and Jackson may have some nice guitars, but none deliver that deep, bone crushing mahogony tone of a Les Paul. The treble pickup sounds absolutely brutal and the rhythm pickup provides insanely clean tone even when run through my DigiTech Death pedal. This guitar is certainly amazing and tottally worth the money.


The Best

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I bought this guitar a year ago and i cant put it down the pickups are great the color is good. It has the 50s neck reminds me of slash


Great Guitar!!!

By Seth-c458_

from Baltimore, MD

I've always wanted a new guitar, but I never knew what guitar was right for me. I tried a strat, PRS, and 4 les pauls. The 50s style neck just popped out at me. It was very versatile and sounded good even on the crappy marshall mg10 I used. This guitar has everything. Great looks, comfortable, and sounds awesome! The only few complaints is like the neck gets sticky but its no big deal I just wash me hands before I play it. The other is it didnt have the pick guard. but its still included with the case so you can just screw it on. Overall, I love this guitar and it didn't cost 5000 dollars like some PRSes.


the one and only

By LatinJazzMeister

from Michigan

Patience is key in finding "your" les paul. I tried a few hundred les pauls, always with a nagging "something just not right" feeling, but with this 05 LP Standard, it all fit. I can play my 335 and strats, but when I go back to the LP I wonder why I ever put it down. The weight, balance, action, and neck are perfect.To get anything else to sound near as good as the Paul you have to process the gizzie out of them. But the Paul straight into anything (preferably a Mesa) sounds great!!So stop whining America and work on finding "your" Paul. It is worth the wait. This is the last electric I'll ever buy!


Pretty darn good

By ZachLovesHisGuitar

from Oregon

Gibson is over priced. It's a fact. But money aside, the LP Standard is pretty darn good. The only real concern I have is that these guitars are now hollowed out inside and the neck gets sticky (leading you to polish it often). But other than that, the LP is an icon and will last forever if properly taken care of; and is far more versatile than most instruments.So if you have the money, buy this guitar. You're paying a little for the name, but its well worth it at the end of the day.

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