Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio Ltd. Electric Guitar  

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The Robot is Back! Extremely Limited Edition!

The Robot Les Paul Studio Ltd. is an electric guitar that offers all the power, tone, and performance of a traditional LP Studio model, with the addition of the revolutionary Robot automatic tuning system.

Gibson's Robot Guitar, the world's first guitar with robotic tuning technology is available once again. You don't have to tune up your car every time you drive it. Now you don't have to tune up your guitar every time you play it. The Robot Guitar does it for you. Just plug it in, dial in the tuning, strum the strings, and play.

The self-tuning system is built into a gorgeous Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar without changing its looks. All the sound and playability that have made the LP one of the most successful electric guitars of all time are retained. To tune itself, the Robot Guitar uses an onboard central processing unit (CPU) that analyzes the pitch of each string as detected by the Tune-Control bridge. Tuning information from the CPU is relayed to the motorized tuning machines that efficiently adjust each string to the correct pitch with a distinctive whirring sound that lets you know Robot Guitar is on the job.

You activate the Gibson Les Paul Robot Guitar with the Master Control Knob (MCK) that functions as a tone control in the down position and is pulled up to activate the tuning system. In addition to standard (A-440Hz) tuning, six commonly used tunings are selectable from the MCK. Users can also program their own custom tunings as well as set the guitar's intonation. Now, with the Gibson Robot Guitar, you'll spend more time playing--in tune. In live performance you can easily change tunings practically soundlessly on the fly, keeping your show flowing smoothly. There's no longer any need to haul several instruments to the gig to cover various tunings; The Robot does it all for you!

The Robot Les Paul Studio Ltd. has a chambered mahogany body with maple top and nitrocellulose finish. The mahogany neck is hand-shaped into a rounded '50s profile and is topped with an ebony fretboard. A Gibson 490R humbucker with Alnico II magnets in the neck position and 498T humbucker with Alnico V magnets in the bridge position provide that "Patent Applied For" sound. Four-conductor wiring allows connection of a push/pull pot for coil-splitting. Wax potting reduces the chances of microphonic feedback. The performance-safeguarding Neutrik jack secures the cord into the guitar.


  • Mahogany body/maple top
  • Chambering
  • Nitrocellulose finish
  • Rounded '50s neck profile — hand-shaped
  • 22 fret ebony fingerboard
  • 12" fretboard radius
  • Medium-jumbo fret wire Hand-shaped using nickel/silver alloy
  • Gibson 490R Alnico II (neck)/498T Alnico V (bridge) humbuckers
  • Four-conductor wiring
  • Wax potting
  • Pole pieces aligned for treble pickup
  • Tune Control Bridge/Tailpiece (modified Tune-O-Matic)
  • Neck CPU
  • Powerhead Locking Tuners
  • Multi-Control Knob (MCK) with LED display
  • Neutrick jack
  • Gibson hardshell case
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