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The legend of Kremona guitars can be traced back to World War 1, when Dimitar Georgiev concluded that his talents for designing weapons were doing more harm than good. For this reason, he left the weapons trade and turned to music. While still on the front lines, Georgiev found peace in his mandolin, and after returning to home to Bulgaria, he set out to hand-carve some of the finest, and most affordable, stringed instruments the world would ever know. When you have a history as strong and deep as Kremona guitars, you can't take any chance at cutting corners. Every Kremona guitar is crafted with cautiousness and careful scrutiny because Georgiev's passion for the music has never been forgotten. The easy playability and superb sound of a Kremona guitar is unlike any other guitar of its kind, which makes them an exceptional option for players of all skill levels.

To get a perfect idea of Kremona guitars immaculate workmanship, the Soloist S65C classical acoustic guitar represents the culmination of over 80 years of Kremona guitar crafting. With its rosewood headstock overlay, gold tuners, and a beautiful natural finish, this amazing guitar will impress any player who’s searching for a traditional nylon-string. Another popular choice is the Kremona Solea classical guitar. Containing solid cocobolo back and sides, a solid cedar top and a Spanish cedar neck, the warm and complex sound of this guitar is astounding. If you're serious about classical guitars, this instrument is highly recommended.

Dimitar Georgiev held the belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to play music on instruments of the highest quality. This is a belief that still holds true today at Kremona. By providing beautifully made guitars that are built to last and priced to suit every budget, Kremona will forever remain a top choice for beginners and professionals alike.