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Squier Standard Double Fat Strat Electric Guitar

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Product 510446
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An affordable, quality Strat! Maple neck, 22 frets, poplar body, 2 humbucking pickups, and tremolo. Does not include case or gig bag....Click To Read More About This Product

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Affordable quality with huge humbucking tone!

An affordable, quality Strat! Maple neck, 22 frets, poplar body, 2 humbucking pickups, and tremolo. Does not include case or gig bag.


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Most Liked Positive Review


This is the AntiStrat

It looks and feels like a Strat but the sound is completely different. It sounds more like a Les Paul if you ask me. If you like that twangy single coil Strat sound then...Read complete review

It looks and feels like a Strat but the sound is completely different. It sounds more like a Les Paul if you ask me. If you like that twangy single coil Strat sound then look elsewhere. Personally I'm not into the twangy blues sound. I like very heavy sounds and clean-ish, full bodied sounds. This is great at both. The thing that sold me is the dynamic range of the pickups. You can use massive distortion and crank the amp way up and stand right in front of the amp without getting feedback or much noise at all. I was amazed at this. I tried out about 15 guitars that day and that's the reason I bought this one. The way I see it is the guitar is only half of the instrument. The amp/effects make up the other half. I'm running a PODxt Live through a Marshall JCM800 combo. I had a Jackson with a single-single-dual setup and the background noise was so loud that it made the heavy patches unusable. What good is a heavy metal guitar that's too noisy to use heavy patches. Granted the Double-Fat is not the brightest sounding guitar but the extra headroom allows you to crank the treble on your amp and get much brightness as you want.With the Double-Fat I can set it for a Mesa Boogie Treadplate amp with a tube screamer and still only get a little bit of background noise. One thing I should mention. Brand new, this guitar has clear saran wrap like plastic over the pickups. I left them on and I can't help but wonder if that's contributing to the quietness. Hmmm... Electro magnetic pickups will go right through plastic but the acoustic feedback from the amp might not. Another good point is that it's wicked light because it's made out of Poplar. Poplar has one of the best strength to weight ratios of any wood. I always wondered why they didn't make more guitars out of it. Anyway I do have one big quality gripe. The nut was in the wrong fricken place so it was impossible to properly intonate it. I got the open A and the 12th fret A to match by adjusting the string length at the bridge but then the B and C on that same string would be way out of tune. Yuck! I had to stick a toothpick under the strings next to the nut to give it that extra 3/32 of an inch that it needed. That's a really bad manufacturing flaw but I like the sound so much that I'm willing to keep the guitar anyway. I guess there always has to be something wrong with a $200 guitar. At least I found a workaround. The tuners seem pretty good, not great but better than the $100 strats. Yes, I run into some tuning issues with the tremelo but it's not too bad. Still very usable. I guess if I want it to be perfect, I'm going to have to get the nut moved and replaced with graphite or rollers. I may also have to replace the tuners and/or tremelo springs. At that point it will be the perfect guitar for me.The action was too high when I got it but I was able to drop it pretty low without getting fret buzz. I like the smooth feel of the neck. It's pretty darned playable. Bottom Line: If you're going to buy cheap guitars, learn how to adjust and/or fix them.


Most Liked Negative Review



Well...for a starter its a good guitar. i had it for a a few months and it started fallind apart though. the body cracked in front of the tremolo so the strings...Read complete review

Well...for a starter its a good guitar. i had it for a a few months and it started fallind apart though. the body cracked in front of the tremolo so the strings were pulling it towards the neck. the neck was also a little warped and the truss rod only made things worse, and ive fixed many friends guitars with their truss rods with no problem. as with any guitar in this pricerange the upper register wasnt in tune, but it did have a very lovely sound and the electronics held up very well. if you really want a good starter guitar (that has had no problems so far and i have had it for longer than the squier) buy a yamaha eg-112, or just save up an extra hundred bucks and buy a standard strat HH from fender.

Reviewed by 49 customers

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Squier Double Strat

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I think this a decent starter guitar for those who want to play rock music. The humbuckers make the guitar sensitive so tapping is a breeze. The whammy bar not only makes the guitar look cool, but allows you to play some Eddie Van Halen solos. overall, this is a decent guitar.


Nice beginner guitar

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

i have an orange one of these and i was stupid for buying it for its looks rather than its sound. although the sound is pretty good and it has an amazing feel, i got tired of it after about 6 months when i realized the sound isn't so crisp. If you are a beginner this is the guitar for you, if you have been playing for a while and you know what you are doing, i would recommend something better.


It's great

By Bob-Suw5r

from Lakeland, FL

Great playability and very durable! GREAT!



By snubbs741

from Cupertino, CA

this is a great guitar for the price. i got mine used and it is still great. doesnt sound like a strat though, if ur looking for that get single coils. though u can get a twangy sound from the bridge pickup. this is great for classic rock, blues, hard rock, but if u want metal, get a ibanez, jackson, or ESP. the tremelo gets the guitar way out of tune, and the frets are a little off the side of the board, so youe high E can get stuck behind it a lot.OVERALL: BEGINNERS guitar. if u arent, i would save up for something better.


Squier Standard Series, Double Fat Strats

By Disturbed Guitarist

from Pamona, California

See all my reviews

I purchased one of these guitars by accident, for the money I definitely have no complaints. It does take a bit of modification (Although I keep all my guitars pure by manufacturer - with exception of my Hamer's, and Hohner's).These guitars have almost endless possibilities when it comes to thinking of upgrading them.I would rate them ten for all for this versatility, and multiply that by ten for the number of people who laugh at me for me playing a Squier shortly before I melt their faces. These are one of the most under-rated guitars in Manufacturing History. Buy buy buy.


Squier standard double fat strat

By dcjacobs

from Sweden

A good guitar, basically. Bought mine to use at home and Im not disappointed. The humbuckers provide great sound and the overall quality is very good, considering the low price.


Very affordable sub for a strat - great neck!

By Rick-8zo9p

from Louisville, KY

Guitar is nearest to an American made you'll find. I was actually surprised at the comfort and playability of the neck. Tremolo system on this one is excellent - Floyd Rose style. Perhaps it was modded where I bought it, but was in "new" condition. Excellent setup! Stock HB's with very warm full tone. Classic style, keeps tune well now (little prob. with 1 tuner but fixed easily). Neck is very good if you have smaller hands. Spend the extra for a standard series and leave the Affinity alone. I had an '83 MIJ Squire that slipped thru my fingers, this plays as well. Recommend it for budget or beginning/intermediate players.


Pretty nice starter

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Nice starter guitar and overall, pretty nice if your budget won't allow for something more pricey. Finish and hardware are really nice, mine has a little bit of a bridge issue, but that's learning setup and another story. The humbuckers are pretty nice and mellow, nothing special, but alright....player friendly probably the best word. Tuning issues are along the lines of the classic Strat qualm of extensive trem use throwing it out of whack, which it does, but some set ups can get it damn close to never going out. Overall I like it and suggest it for starters or those on a budget. Just learn how to set it up properly and maintain in and you'll be on your way to rocking.


Kick a** guitar

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Now I wanted a guitar and I got one. This thing is a monster good for all ages it's good for rock n roll and if you use the acoustic,I guess contry.good for the price!



By Rock'n Rider

from Oceanside, CA

See all my reviews

I own several guitars from Pauls to Mosrite 6/12 to Fender Strats. Been playing and rocking for 42 years and in all my time I have never found a guitar this inexpensive that equals the sound quality and sheer kick rump power as the Squier Dbl Fat Strat. I've noticed I am using it nearly all the time now.


Solid, quality feel with a feel for the past.

By pagey68_uk

from Birmingham, England

The double fat strat has a good range of sounds and a good solid feel to the body. The ability to sound like a quality Fender Strat and a Les Paul means I enjoy playing with it. Classic Fender!


Fender, the second rate Squire

By MrGuitarDeath

from Madtown, Oh

See all my reviews

If you know guitars, you know you're getting a top grade instrument in this guitar after playing it.They are every bit as good as Fenders and in some cases better.This guitar is 100% pro level suitable for stage and studio yet priced for a beginner.The pickups are high output and are very quiet. The tone controls offer a very sweet level of cut that transcends very smoothly.It's a VERY beefy and dense tone. Exactly what any PRO should want.The 2 point floating trem gives great whammy and vibrato effects while keeping those classic strat looks.The tone is actually quite exceptional. It's VERY well suited for Jazz, Metal, Blues, Hard Rock, Blue Grass....I mean it's a full blooded strat, they're made to plapy any style on.I can play Vai on this or Megadeath and they sound wicked on it....what more could you ask for?!My only quip was it didn't like to stay in tune until I removed the string trees. BIG DEAL.This is a superb instrument.I'm not going to say well it isn't an Ibanez Jem because IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE.It's perfect while also being totally stock.


You will not find a better guitar for thr price!

By JazzHead

from Concord, NH

I've been playing for over 20 years and I own/have owned and/or played some of the best instruments out there. I was looking for an everyday practice guitar and had read good things about the Squiers. This is by far THE finest instrument I have ever seen for this price range. If you are a beginner to intermediate level player on a budget, buy this now! I bought the Walnut Double Fat Strat through this site and it was nearly perfect out of the box. The intonation required a little tweaking, but once I got it set, it has not moved. The action is fast and low and the neck is super smooth. The stock pickups are surprisingly good for this price. Nice clean tone and very quiet. Add some gain and they crank pretty nicely.


Good for a first electric

By untitled

from Rochester, NY

This was my first electric. It's good for a first electric, except it goes out of tune alot. Alot of power behind the humbuckers though.


For a knock off it rocks!!!

By Thedude27

from Moraga, CA

See all my reviews

I bought this guitar five years ago because the guy at the store recommended it. I had been trying out various guitars in the price range and when I came upon this I knew that I had to have it. The tone is amazing for a squier. It was so versatile, and the looks were sweet. After five years of playing, however, the frets are beginning to wear out, the pickups buzz, and one of the tone controls doesn't work anymore, but other than that there have been no major problems with it at all. For the price there is no other guitar that will give you this kind of tone. I strongly urge you to at LEAST try one out in the store. You won't be let down.


Great guitar for the price!

By nouseforaname-3z7oH

from Medford, OR

This guitar rips with just about any kind of music you can play! Great value for the money! Looks awesome too!


Great Value!

By Blhcnh

from Greenfield, IN

See all my reviews

I have owned many guitars, and this one is in the top 10. You cannot beat a guitar this sweet for the price. The playability and tone are great. I love the humbuckers, though I do plan on switching them out for some SH-6 Duncans. Why pay more for Les(s)!!


Okay, for a while

By Luke-x2PiA

from Michigan

See all my reviews

My mom owns this guitar in shoreline gold finish. It must've been an exclusive color because they don't have it anymore, it's really nice looking. The metallic gold color hides scratches well, and the black plastic parts off-set it nicely. The humbuckers have a good fat sound, I prefer single coils though. I was amazed at the sounds you could get by dropping the bridge pickup. From metal, to classic rock, to hendrix. So that was cool. Now for the bad. While the stripe on the back of the neck looks cool and is standard with Fender and Squier, my mom's is showing wear on the transition from the stripe to the rest of the neck. That's kind of disappointing. On my mom's there is a big chip on the side of the neck joint about a 3rd of an inch long. All this would be fine if it weren't this next thing. The bridge will drive you crazy. I hate the two point fulcrum tremolo system. While it gives you more freedom to bend it makes your strings go out of tune easily. Also, if you rest your hand on the bridge it will bend the strings because it's so sensitive. This makes you sound like crap and forces you to play with your arm even when your sitting down. They should really have a locking system come standard. Another thing is the input jack fell out. It would be okay but the bridge really takes the score down. I would only suggest this as a backup if you know what you're doing. If you want a cheap guitar that's worth it buy a strat-copy and then put new pick-ups in it. Sorry if you were going to buy it but it's not worth it.


Cheap Guitar With Good Tone

By Line6+Squier

from Tigard OR

This guitar has a great tone and great feel. i play this at school and church alot and i ve had one complaint. It is not an actual Fender guitar. I put some piezo pickups inside an foud a whole new demension of tones. i pay through a Line 6 Spider II


Good Vibrations Baby

By Sea doggy

from Concord Massachussetts

Most beginners start with a strat but why settle for single pickups when you could for Dual humbucking picks. The sound Quality is far superior to the standerd strat. The tone is extremely verstible and ranges from Hard to a smooth Jazz sound. The best part is that it's price is unbeatable.

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