Nady Encore II GT Wireless Instrument System   

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Don't tie yourself down, go wireless!

Nady—the wireless pioneer that's been leading the way for 25 years—has made a giant leap ahead. The receiver features dual retractable, front-panel antennas and DigiTRU Diversity digital processing circuitry to virtually eliminate dropouts and maximize operating range (250 ft. or 500+ line-of-sight). The rugged half-rack design has RF and AF 5-LED displays for monitoring incoming signal strength and audio level, balanced XLR and adjustable unbalanced 1/4" jack outputs, noise-free transmitter on/off operation, and unique snap-out side-panel locking tabs for convenient single receiver or dual receiver (side-by-side) optional rack mounting. Sturdy plastic, padded carrying case. Can be operated with any musical instrument with a pickup. Top-panel input level adjust and locking mini-jack for solid instrument attachment. One 9-volt battery allows up to 15 hours operation time.


  • Dual retractable antennas
  • DigiTRU Diversity digital processing to combat dropouts
  • Rugged half-rack design
  • Noise-free on/off
  • 250-foot range (500+ line-of-sight)
  • Works on anything with a pickup
  • Locking mini-jack

When you need to get free of the cables binding you, you need to do it NOW. Order your wireless today.

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