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Nylon Strings

How to Choose the Right Strings for Your Acoustic or Classical Guitar
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  1. LaBella RQ80 Requinto Strings
    LaBella RQ80 Requinto Strings
  2. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXP45 Coated Nylon Guitar Strings Normal Tension
  3. Savarez Corum New Cristal 500CJ High Tension Strings
  4. Top Rated
    D'Addario Pro-Arte Carbon with Dynacore Basses - Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings
  5. Savarez 500CRJ Corum Cristal Classic Guitar Strings
  6. D'Addario EJ46C Pro-Arte Composites Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings
  7. Top Rated
    D'Addario EJ33 Folk Nylon 80/20 Bronze/Ball End Clear Treble Guitar Strings
  8. Top Rated
    D'Addario EJ25B Pro-Arte Composites Flamenco Guitar Strings - Black Nylon
  9. LaBella 2001 Medium-Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings
  10. D'Addario EJ25C Pro-Arte Composites Flamenco Guitar Strings - Clear Nylon
  11. Top Rated
    Savarez 520R Traditional Red Card Strong Tension Classical Guitar Strings
  12. LaBella 830 Folksinger Nylon Guitar Strings
  13. Top Rated
    D'Addario EJ44C Pro-Arte Composites Extra Hard Classical Guitar Strings
  14. Ernie Ball 2406 Ernesto Palla Nylon Black and Silver Classical Acoustic Guitar Strings
  15. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXP46 Coated Hard Classical Guitar Strings
  16. D'Addario EJ27H Classical Guitar Strings Hard Tension
  17. Top Rated
    Savarez Traditional 520P1 High Tension Classical Guitar Strings
  18. Top Rated
    D'Addario EJ45TT ProArte DynaCore Normal Classical Guitar Strings
  19. Savarez S540J High Tension Classic Guitar Strings
  20. LaBella 2001 Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings
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    Cordoba 05280 E-Tuning Mini Ball-End Nylon Acoustic Guitar Strings
  22. Fender 130 Clear/Silver Classical Nylon Guitar Strings - Ball End
  23. Top Rated
    Savarez 520J Super High Tension Acoustic Guitar Strings
  24. Savarez 510AR Alliance Cantiga Normal Tension Guitar Strings
  25. Savarez 500AR Alliance Corum Normal Tension Guitar Strings
  26. Savarez 510AJ Alliance Cantiga High Tension Guitar Strings
  27. D'Addario EJ32 Folk Nylon Silver/Ball End Black Treble Guitar Strings
  28. Top Rated
    LaBella 427 Pacesetter Elite Classical Guitar Strings
  29. Top Rated
    D'Addario EJ51 Pro-Arte Semi Polished Basses Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings
  30. Top Rated
    Albert Augustine Silver Black Label Classical Guitar Strings
  31. D'Addario CNN-3T Pro-Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings Half Set
  32. Oasis GPX+ Classical Guitar Carbon Trebles Normal Tension
  33. D'Addario EJ47 Pro-Arte 80/20 Bronze Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings
  34. D'Addario EJ44TT ProArte Dynacore Extra Hard Classical Guitar Strings
  35. Top Rated
    D'Addario EJ45LP Pro-Arte Composites Normal LP Classical Guitar Strings
  36. D'Addario EJ46TT ProArte DynaCore Hard Classical Guitar Strings
  37. DR Strings Nylon Classic Accurate Hard Tension Acoustic Guitar Strings
  38. D'Addario EJ46LP Pro-Arte LP Composites Hard Classical Guitar Strings
  39. Sevilla Classical Guitar Strings Ball End EMP-Coated Classical Guitar Strings
  40. D'Addario CNL-3T Pro-Arte Light Tension Classical Guitar Strings Half Set
 Matching Products
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Classical guitars are known for their truly distinctive tone. A lot of this has to do with their use of nylon strings. Strikingly different from standard guitar strings, a set of nylon guitar strings are definitely worth looking into to help craft your signature sound. Nylon strings are known for their soft, mellow tone, but there are definite differences between their styles. It’s important to experience and check out what each kind offers you stylistically before you make a decision on the type that is right for you. Nylon strings come with a variety of different tensions to suit your needs depending on the sound you’re looking for and the construction of your guitar. Low tension strings have a distinctly sweet sound with rounded out lows and mids. They are also a little easier on your fingers, which can definitely be of benefit to young and novice players. High tension strings, on the other hand, have a far brighter sound that easily cuts through when being played as part of an ensemble. These strings are better suited to more experienced players and to guitars that are set up with low action. Of course, between these two options there are also normal tension strings, which tend to include some of the features on each end of the spectrum. Having a decent understand of the benefits of each of these string types can make the process of purchasing nylon strings much easier. When it comes down to it, the strings that sound best to your ears should be the strings you choose for your guitar. And there’s nothing stopping you from trying a variety of different tensions and styles. Part of the joy of being a musician comes from exploring different sounds and finding out which ones work best for you. Nylon strings definitely bring a unique sound to your playing, and when you find the ones the work best for you, you’ll enjoy making music with them for years to come.

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