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It's hard to beat the warm, full tones of a tube-based amplifier. The electric guitar as we know it essentially grew up with these amps, and plenty of musicians prefer them for other instruments as well. With changeable preamp and power tubes, an amplifier gives you a great level of customization so you can tweak the voice of an electric instrument exactly the way you want it. Compared to preamp and rectifier tubes, the power tubes have a middling influence on how your amp sounds overall. In your amplifier, a power tube's role is to boost the signal's power level to a high enough point that your speakers can put out the volume you want. Being part of the signal path means that they do affect the sound, but since they're used for volume rather than tone, they have a more subtle effect than preamp tubes. So, why pay close attention to the power tubes? Simple: their effect may be subtle, but it's noticeable. The way your amplifier sounds is the result of the harmony between your preamp and power tubes. The same preamp will sound different with a change in the power tube. To put it metaphorically, think of the preamp tube as a steak and the power tube as a marinade— a steak will always taste like a steak but the marinade can definitely change the flavor. The preamp tube will always have its certain tone, but the power tube will give that tone a subtle fine-tuning. You might have to try a few different power tubes to find the variety that has the best interplay with your favorite preamp tubes. In the end, your sound will thank you for the effort. Once you know which tube works best for you, all that's left to do is stock up so you'll always have replacements ready to go.