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Powered Stage Monitors

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There's no big secret to making sure you sound great onstage: it's just a matter of listening in so you can hear it for yourself. But the sound echoing back from your main speakers won't accurately tell you how you actually sound to the audience, and that's why monitors are so important. When you get ready to perform, setting up some powered stage monitors will definitely help to make sure your gig goes without a hitch.

Since all of the monitors you'll find here are powered cabinets, one thing that they all have in common is a built-in power amp. This makes for an incredibly versatile stage monitor. If you've got no more outputs on your main power amp, that's no problem: just connect directly to the preamp. Want to feed a monitor from a dedicated microphone? Once again, no problem: you won't need a complicated amp setup to do it. These powered monitors are the ultimate way to bring versatility to the stage with you.

Depending on how you're planning to use your new stage monitor, you may even find a specialized model here that's designed especially to meet your needs. A good example of that would be the TC Helicon VoiceSolo FX150. This monitor is a vocalist's best friend, with the ability to attach to a microphone stand so it will be right there where you need it. And if you're really looking to make gearing up a cinch, the FX150 is even available bundled with an AKG D5 mic - so you can take care of your vocal input and output together at once.

There are plenty of powered stage monitors here to choose from, so it's completely worth your while to take a close look and see what options are waiting for you. Whatever your performance style, you're sure to find the ideal powered monitors here to support it.