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Product 602075

Bose L1/PS1 and B1 Single Bass Package   

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The complete Portable Line Array System family of products plus the B1 subwoofer system.Bose L1 Portable Line Array SystemThis system brings full, na...Read More

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Get added bass response and a warmer sound in addition to the revolutionary Personalized Amplification System family of products.

The complete Portable Line Array System family of products plus the B1 subwoofer system.

Bose L1 Portable Line Array System

This system brings full, natural sound to your performances and makes set ups and sound checks a breeze. The L1 Model 1 family of products puts the musician back in control of the music. Eliminates many of the common problems of conventional amplification while delivering uncommonly consistent sound for you and your audience. Bose includes L1 Cylindrical Radiator speaker, PS1 power stand, and R1 remote control.

System power: 250W to upper section, 250W to lower section. The Bose L1's unique design delivers a wide dispersion pattern with nearly 180-degrees of coverage that offers extended, even sound levels with no need for conventional monitors, amp, PA system, mixing console, or a tangle of cables. The PS1 Power Stand takes the place of those components, as well as being the mechanical support for the L1. It has 2 balanced mic/line and 2 unbalanced line inputs. Presets optimize the L1 for use with a variety of instruments and vocal mics.

The R1 Remote Control with 3-band EQ/volume control for each of the mic/line inputs and overall volume control for the system (inputs 1-4) make it easy to tweak your sound on the fly.

Bose B1 Bass Module

The Bose B1 Bass Module works seamlessly with the L1 Model I PA System to deliver the low-frequency impact you want through 2 high-output, high-excursion 6-1/2" drivers. It produces deep, strong bass for keyboards, kick drum, bass guitar, and other instruments that play in the baritone/bass range. Light and compact, strong bass is yours without the bulk and weight of traditional subwoofers. Connects to the L1 Model I Power Stand (sold separately) with a single cable.

  • Bose L1 Classic Personal Amplification System
  • L1 Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker
  • PS1 power stand
  • R1 remote control
  • System power: 250W to upper section, 250W to lower section
  • Bose B1 Bass Module
  • Bass support for L1 Model I Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker
  • 2 high-output, high-excursion 6-1/2" drivers
  • Light and compact
  • Connects to the L1 Model I Power Stand with a single cable

L1/PS1 and B1 Single Bass Package

  • Bose L1 Classic Personal Amplification System
    PS1 Power Stand: 26"W x 5"H x 26"D (12.7 x 66 x 66 cm), 35 lbs. (16kg)
    L1 Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker (top section): 3 1/2"W x 43"H x 4"D (109.2 x 8.9 x 10.5 cm), 14.5 lbs. (6 kg)
    L1 Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker (bottom section): 3-1/2"W x 43"H x 4"D (109.2 x 8.9 x 10.5 cm), 16.0 lbs. (7 kg)
    R1 Remote Control: 2-4/5"W x 1-3/5"H x 5-3/5"D (4.0 x 7.1 x 14.1 cm), 0.6 lbs. (0.27 kg)
    Total weight: 66.1 lbs. (29.27kg), not including carrying bags

    Bose B1 Bass Module
    Dimensions: 10-3/10"W x 15-3/10"H x 18"D (38.0 x 25.0 x 45.7 cm)
    Weight: 28 lbs. (13 kg)

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Most Liked Positive Review


I'm Very Happy...

After reading ALL the reviews and with some trepidation, I bought the BOSE L1/PS1 with B1. I can honestly say it fits my needs perfectly and I would not trade it for anything.I...Read complete review

After reading ALL the reviews and with some trepidation, I bought the BOSE L1/PS1 with B1. I can honestly say it fits my needs perfectly and I would not trade it for anything.I perform as a solo, duo and band in Tokyo area of Japan. Many venues have their own sound production, but for those that don't this system is perfect (specially the many VERY SMALL venues here). Also I can pack the entire system in the back seat of my Toyota compact sedan with trunk and front seat to spare.OK - how does it work/sound. I found mic placement can be an issue but (by the book) 45 degrees off the centerline works great to totally defeat feedback even at high level of input and master volumes. Once you figure it out it really is "hands off"...something I cherish with no trusted "sound man" in the room.I don't like the limited ability to use/input effects, but I've managed to work around with small effects units direct in. Not sure why Bose did not provide some basic built-in effects, but the presets and overall system does sound very nice even without.Also BOSE did not do anybody any favors with the basically non-existant product support manual. Much exploring/experimenting is required to get full potential of options available in how you can use this system. Their web-page had a good Q&A section and advice/experience from other users. Last week I used it in an acoustic duo setting in a 200-300 capacity club. 2 Beta Shures in line 1 & 2 presets, keyboard in line 3 and the line out from my VOX Valvetronix/Taylor 414CE combo (yes...that's right, and it sounds beautiful!!)in line 4 -- it was an awesome performance -- clear and distinct notes, chords and vocals easily heard in every corner of the room without overpowering table conversations. Single B1 bass pod covered the keyboard's low notes very well.I am sure there will always be naysayers and budget may be an issue for some. Yes, you can buy cheaper systems, but if you need to produce your own sound with a high level of confidence and quality I would highly recommend the BOSE.


Most Liked Negative Review


Joe from SF

I have been in pro audio since RCA started. Well not quite that long--but I had to try these "new design speakers/amp/mixer". Fine for a solo piano or...Read complete review

I have been in pro audio since RCA started. Well not quite that long--but I had to try these "new design speakers/amp/mixer". Fine for a solo piano or folk guitar, but put anything louder than that into the inputs and the limiter is on in a flash. Now a line array is by defination a "high Q" (narrow or controlled dispersion) system. This is to "shoot" the sound to the back of the room without killing the folks in front. Somehow--Bose advertises these as "wide dispersion" "direct reflecting" speakers. Well Audio 101 and my SPL meter show that these are high Q (except for the sub---if you want to call it a sub---omni directional LF--just right for echo echancement). In short--this is a good system for those who can afford it and don't play too loud (bands etc). I DO THINK ITS OVER PRICED. Thats why we have E-bay.

Reviewed by 36 customers

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Bose Single Bass Package

By 2gX_P6t-P

from Lubbock, TX

I have heard it with a buddy in the Texas Tech University Jazz Ensemble. This thing puts out presence really good. It is another fine product from Bose and at the price, if I was a Bass player, this would be a must have for me.


Almost there...

By Paulies Gearnerd

from Nashville

I'm a pro musician and pro audio nerd here in Nashville. On the weekends I play in a corporate band. We recently used two Bose L1 systems for "main" speakers at two different gigs. After player through every rig under the sun, I must say that I was stunned by how smooth and wonderful the top end of this PA sounded. Coverage was amazing as well. Dr. Bose is the man! However... bass was an issue. We had two of the subs, and could not get any kick drum in the PA at all. It sounded like someone hitting a cardboard box with a spatula. Also, the towers need to be assignable to a left/right (main PA) configuaration so you only need to use one controller. Fix the issues with bass and you have a real winner! I would also adjust the price so that working musicians could afford a whole system with enough sub, but without getting a mortgage for it. As it stands now, there must be a whole lot of doctors and lawyers singing John Denver hits in their basements. LOL Great for a single act. Band PA?? Almost there.Congrats to Bose for continuing to actually INNOVATE and not immitate! REAL SCIENCE at work again.


I recommend it!

By Guitar Man-r6pJE

from Midland, TX

The Boxe L1/PS1 & Single Base package is kind of expensive, but I think it's worth it, at least for me. It transports great, I don't have the mess with monitors, and for my venues It's worked great. I work single just me and my guitar. Audiences are generally 30-300 in small meeting rooms to an 8000 sq ft auditorium.


Don't hesitate!!!

By Switty-49HR5

from Jacksonville Fl.

Honestly, this thing will complete your journey to getting the right tone. It is so crisp and clear, with vocals AND my guitar in the same "flagpole". My band uses 3 of them. I just plug my guitar into my POD XT Live (fantastic piece of equipment) and then into the Bose PS-1 tower. This amp allows you to hear yourself and the rest of the band, so you don't have to constantly keep turning up your own master volume. The only minor thing that i would say that is a problem...once again MINOR... is that on a higher stage where the audience is at least 3 feet below you, you have to slightly tilt the tower forward for the people in front to hear the same tone you are hearing. All in all... its so worth it.


Great Sound... Small complaint

By MGD (Middleton Griffin Duo)

from Evergreen, CO

I'm really blown away by the sound quality of this product. The only big complaint I have is the lack of effects. How many people play live without at least reverb??? Not many. One of the major selling points is that there is less gear to worry about. It's really not much less than a standard setup because in order to make this type of setup work well, you really need to bring along a mixer and effects processor. I would have given a 10 if Bose would have at least included basic effects or had incerts on each channel for effects instead of having to use 1 of the 4 channels for effects return.


Awesome sound but with limitations

By Joe Durt

from Maineville Ohio

I have been gigging with this unit for about 3 months now.Awesome sound. I have recieved numerous compliments upon the clarity,eveness of sound and overall performance of this system from many of my clients in several different kinds of venues.I run a Rainsong WS100 guitar and my vocals with an EV-767 in channels 1 & 2 with processors via the insert. Then I run my side man's mandolin and vocals through a sub mixer into the 3rd channel.It works very well but I find it frustrating to have to use an additional sub mixer so that I can use processors on channels 3 & 4. That also entails hauling more gear.It would have been nice if they had incorporated inserts for channels 3 & 4 or at least had an overall send and return.Other than those few minor descrepencies..I'm extremly happy with it.Online and live product support from Bose is the best I have ever encountered of any product in any category. Those guys are are knowelegable, extremely approachable and concerned to really help you out.The best advice I can offer is to use a really good quality mike with a tight pattern.Like the old saying goes.. If you put junk in, you'll get junk out.


unbelievable sound

By guitars 53

from Boone, North Carolina

After years of playing through conventional pa systems, upon trying the L1 I felt as though I had moved up from a volkswagon to a cadillac. I'm a gigging singer/songwriter, and the first night that I used the L1 system, I couldn't believe how well I could hear my guitar and vocal,and was totally amazed by the sound quality. My martin guitar sounded beautiful run straight in with a matching preset, and with a small effects processer, the vocal reproduction was top-notch. Buy this system, it's well worth the money!


Bose Brilliance

I love my Bose L1/PS1 and B1 Single Bass Packages. I have 2. They are brilliant. Getting your live sound exactly the way you want it 7 putting that power back in the hands of the players is a dream come true. I wouldn't mind a little on board reverb & eq controls for channels 3 & 4 but in a live space, the natural amplification of how my guitar & vocal sound is the most comfortable I've ever experienced.


Great System/2 year user

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I have been using this system for about two years. When I first purchased it, I was in a four member band where each member had their own system. This is how it was truly designed to be used. In smaller venues you can share two systems. It's important to use the appropriate amount of subs for each application. I have up to four,depending on the gig. As for some of the problems I have read, if the LED's on the base glow red, you need to adjust your trim. If you are blasting yourself out and your six feet away you need to turn down. The audience hears what you hear. I have used it to amplify my drumkit, vocals, and DJ work. I've pumped my drumkit through this system at an outdoor show and a cheezy camcorder in the back picked up every note of my kit. It's crazy how it disperses sound throughout a venue. Whether your a couple of feet from the speaker or in the back row, you virtually hear the same sound. Your right, its not for everyone and it won't shake the tiles from a floor. It was designed to deliver a performance with clarity, as long as you are feeding quality instruments into it. Use good vocal mikes, Beta 58, Audix OM5 for example. If your trying to feed a whole band through this baby and expect to rock the house, forget it. Return and get something you can afford. The Bose Forums are great!


So far so good

By wannaby groupy

from Fort Myers, Florida

I got the bose system as a gift, and have used it in 2 gigs and 3 rehearsals, and for the first time, my vocals are clear, my guitar isn't muddy, the little articulations aren't lost in the mix and everyone can hear. at the gigs the stage looked alot better with no clutter, we're using 2 of the Bose L1/PS1s and 2 B1's as well as a senheisser wireless guitar and a shure vocal hand held wireless drums and a bass, and the only thing on the stage with my band, is the drum set in the middle the 2 bose systems on either side and the bass monitors next to the drummer, it looks professional and soudns clean, worth every penny. First PA system that I have ever used that didn't rely on an hour of set up and sound checks. Only prblem is there is no built in effects which would be nice to have some reverb, but i'll live. great buy!

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