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Whether you're hosting a Halloween house party or DJing at the hottest dance club in town, pro audio equipment from Chauvet is certain to fire up the crowd and create an exciting atmosphere. Of course music is the focal point of any performance, but the addition of cool, memorable effects can mean the difference between a good show and an exceptional one. Chauvet offers hundreds of strobes, lasers, spotlights, LED lights, fog machines and much more to assist anyone in the live music business.

Chauvet Pro has been a leading the way for over 30 years in developing and manufacturing lighting options for entertainers all over the world. Their core beliefs of value, innovation and performance shortens to "VIP", a demonstration of their excellence in the music field. By listening to customers and developing strong relationships, they have become a trusted supplier to many DJs and bands.

With so many amazing lighting and visual effects to choose from in this section, finding the right option comes down to personal preference and the average size and scope of your venue. If you want to dramatically infuse the playing arena in brilliant, effervescent light, try the Color Strip LED DM Linear Color Wash. Simply mount this device on a wall or ceiling and choose from numerous options from blackout to dimmer, flashing, RGB mixing and strobe. To further complement your exciting light show, consider pairing it with visual effects like the Hurricane 100 Flex Fog Machine. This water based fogger bathes the area with entrancing, atmospheric fog to truly capture your crowd's attention. With an impressive array of products, it's definitely worth your time to go through Chauvet's impressive array of products until you find the perfect solution for your needs.

The main goal of any professional DJ or stage performer is to engage the audience and get them partying on the dance floor. With Chauvet pro audio equipment in your music arsenal, everyone will be raving about your live show while demanding an encore.