Ultrasound Ultra PDI Preamp DI   

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Exquisite control over your acoustic guitar sound!

The UltraSound Ultra PDI Preamp DI is a great direct box and a full-featured preamp. The Ultra PDI lets you dial in clear, natural sound. Routes to a stage PA from a balanced XLR output. A parallel 1/4" out sends signal to your stage amp. The effects loop features a 1/4" send and return rather than a TRS system requiring a Y cord. Tone controls include active bass and treble EQ, mid-dip shape control, and a notch filter. Operates on 48V phantom power or battery (not included).


  • Full-featured preamp and DI box
  • Bulletproof metal housing
  • Input gain control to allow proper setting for the great variety of acoustic pickup outputs
  • Balanced XLR output for routing signal to PA system
  • Parallel 1/4" out for sending signal to stage amp
  • Both stage and PA outputs have their own level controls
  • Parallel input jack allows a tuner to be plugged in in-ine without degradation of signal
  • Effects loop
  • 48V phantom power capability
  • Active bass and treble EQ
  • Mid-dip shape control permits removal of honky mids
  • Notch filter permits dialing out problem feedback
  • Combination of controls allows any acoustic player to dial in a natural, useable sound at amplified volumes

Order today and dial in primo sound with ease.

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