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Stick & Mallet Cases & Gig Bags

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For any percussionists, the only thing more important than having your instrument is having a means by which to play your instrument. Your kit certainly wouldn't sound very good if you were just banging it with your hands. Luckily, thanks to our wide assortment of stick and mallet cases, you'll never have to be without the tools of your trade ever again. The only thing that is more frustrating for a drummer than breaking a stick is not having another one on hand to pick up the slack. With a stick bag, you can rest assured the beat won't have to stop on account of a broken stick. One of the major benefits of a stick bag is, without a doubt, its organizational properties. Sure, it would be easy to toss your sticks into any old bag and hit the road, but if that bag is jostled you're risking damage to your gear. A good gig bag will have slots specifically designed for your drum sticks so they'll be secure and easy to access at a moment's notice. Best of all, almost all of our bags can mount directly on your drum set, so everything you need is close at hand. These bags aren't exclusively for sticks or mallets, however. Many feature additional pockets for storing spare parts or drum keys, which any drummer will tell you are very important to keep on hand. Whatever you need to store while you're jamming, these bags have you covered. Not only are these bags functional, they are also stylish. From camouflage patterns, to sophisticated faux-leather, to bags with your favorite drummer's logo and image screenprinted on the side, you can be sure that you'll be able to find one that suits your look. As invaluable for drummers on the road as they are for drummers jamming at home, a great gig bag will keep you prepared for almost anything when you're behind your kit. Regardless of your style or your needs, you'll be able to find the right bag for you


Stick & Mallet Cases & Gig Bags Starting at: $9.05