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For studio work, compromise is off the table. Only the most accurate sound reproduction will do, and that means outfitting your workspace with a quality studio subwoofer to faithfully represent the low frequencies. By taking care of the deep bass sounds that even full-range monitors may miss, a subwoofer ensures that you won't overlook any of the depth in your tracks while you mix. It's not just about bass-heavy genres like dance and hip-hop, either: every style of music needs good bass response in the production environment.

There are plenty of different subwoofers to pique your interest, and each one has its own perks. That's why it pays to think carefully and make sure you're choosing the best one for what you need. A good starting point when narrowing down your options is the power level. A higher wattage will allow the sub to pound louder and stronger, hitting insanely low frequencies at high volumes without distorting. If you've got a big studio space, power definitely can make a difference.

Taking a close look at the subwoofer's design is also a good idea. It's important to find one that will fit in your studio. At the same time, though, the deepest, richest sound will usually come from a bigger driver. With that in mind, your goal will most likely be to find a sub that's just big enough to stay within the size limits of your workstation. Smaller rooms work just fine with more compact models, but the more space you have to fill with sound, the more important it is to go for the thump of a bigger driver.

If you're a professional recording engineer, then you've got to have a subwoofer in your studio if you want the artists to line up for booth time. But you don't need to be a pro, either: from hobby studios to audiophile sound systems, these high-performance subwoofers are a no-brainer for getting the best possible range out of any monitoring setup.