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Ukulele Cases & Gig Bags

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After you're done practicing or performing for the day, you need a reliable place to store your prized ukulele. You also need something to get you from gig to gig with ease. That's why ukulele cases and gig bags are an indispensable part of any musician's kit. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, everyone who wants to keep your instrument in peak physical condition needs one. Thankfully, in this section you'll find a huge selection for almost every shape and size, allowing you to get exactly what you after quickly and easily.

To start, are you looking for a case or a gig bag? If you travel a lot and are looking for added durability and protection, nothing beats a hard shell case. Often lined for enhanced care, they usually have space for all your other essentials as well. If you're looking for a stripped down version, that still provides protection but is much more lightweight, your best bet is probably a gig bag then. Easy to carry and much more flexible and compact, they stay out of the way when not in use, and are very easy to pack and go.

Once you've decided the between the two, you can narrow things down even further by the type of uke you play. From baritone and tenor to concert and soprano, all the most popular sizes are represented here. And with top brands like Gator, Gear One, Musician's Gear, Lanikai, Silver Creek and so many other all throwing their best out there, you're sure to find something you love.

Definitely take some time to explore all the options in this section. Each ukulele case and gig bag brings something different to the forefront, so making sure you check out each to find out what best gives you what you want is certainly worth your time.