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Schecter Guitar Research 5 String Electric Bass

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When David Schecter opened his small guitar repair shop in 1976 and started making replacement parts, he had no idea what the future had in store. Within four decades, his name had gone on to become one of the elite labels in the instrument world. Schecter has come a long way from its parts-shop roots, with a diverse range of instruments that have found their way onto stages all over the world in the hands of musicians at every performance level - not the least of which is the 5-string electric bass guitar. One of the traits that sets Schecter Guitar Research apart is their enthusiastic support for extended-range and otherwise exotic instruments, so it's no surprise that a wide variety of their electric bass guitars are available in 5-string versions. With a resume of artists including legends like Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, Robert Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots and Nadja of Coal Chamber, Schecter basses have more than proven their capabilities - and adding a fifth string expands those capabilities even further.

Whether you're a hall-of-famer or a beginning bassist with an adventurous streak, you'll find that there is a Schecter 5-string bass perfect for you. For the novice or hobbyist, one great suggestion is the Raiden Special-5. A quilted maple top dresses up this basswood-bodied bass, and it's characterized by immense tone that will give your amp a run for its money. If you're a serious performer, check out some of the more advanced models like the Diamond-P Custom 5, which is a pro-level bass for pro-level musicians.

Of all the bass guitars Schecter makes, none are more coveted than the Hellraiser series. If you've listened to Cradle of Filth, then you've likely heard Daniel Firth making great use of his Hellraiser Extreme-5. Quilted maple over mahogany with a walnut neck, Grover tuners and EMG 40TW pickups, this 5-string bass is not only an instrument: it's a sheer work of art.

Schecter may have started out small, but that's how many of the most renowned names in the music industry made their debut. What began as a modest repair shop has grown into a trusted builder of premium instruments, and when you've got a Schecter Guitar Research 5-string electric bass in your collection, you'll be as proud to own it as Schecter is to stamp their name on the headstock.