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Seagull 6 String Acoustic Guitars

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When you're looking for a new guitar, it can be tough to narrow down your options and find something that delivers on all the key points. Build quality, tonewood choice, look and feel are all important considerations, and that's not even mentioning the most critical thing of all: the sound. A truly great luthier is one that takes all of those aspects seriously, and Seagull's lineup certainly shows that they do. Whether you're a beginning guitarist or an experienced pro, this selection of Seagull 6-string acoustic guitars is sure to have some impressive options for you.

Seagull's headquarters are in a small Canadian village, which gives them one big advantage: all of the continent's best tonewoods are just around the corner. They really make those domestic woods shine in their instruments, which range from the beginner-friendly Original S6 (for traditional dreadnought strummers) to the more classically-leaning Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar. And those models are just two examples to demonstrate Seagull's way of building instruments that guitarists at any skill level can truly appreciate.

There are all kinds of purely acoustic guitars in the Seagull catalog, but maybe you're looking for something that can play even the largest venues? Getting that kind of power out of an acoustic takes amplification, and for that, your best bet would be an acoustic-electric model like the Artist Studio QII Cutaway or the Seagull S6 Mahogany Deluxe Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Unplugged, these have the rich acoustic tone you'd expect from any Seagull guitar. Plug them into your favorite acoustic amp, and there's no stage too big.

One of the nicest things about Seagull 6-string acoustic guitars is that any decision is a good one. They're all worthy instruments, well-made with lots of attention to detail. The trick is in finding the one that's perfect for your own personal style. Fortunately, with the variety of options that Seagull gives you to choose from, you can do just that no matter what your tastes are in a 6-string.