The Duallist Single-Foot Double Pedal   

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Award-winning pedal switches from single to one-footed double and back with simple foot motions.

A whole new concept in drum pedals, the Duallist Single-Foot Double Pedal will open up all sorts of new possibilities for you. Kick your heel to the right and this sensitive single pedal becomes a rapid-fire double pedal that hits on the up and the down stroke with equal force. Stomp the lever on the left and it's back to a single. Play double-bass beats and hi-hat at the same time! Adjustable belt drives, 4-way beater heads, spring-loaded carpet spikes, heavy-duty patented hoop clamp, super-tough synthetic body material, and aircraft-grade aluminum mechanics add up to serious quality. One-year warranty.


  • Speedswitch changes from double to single handsfree
  • Play double-bass beats and hi-hat at the same time
  • Adjustable belt drives
  • 4-way beater head
  • Spring-loaded carpet spikes
  • Heavy-duty patented hoop clamp
  • Super-tough synthetic body material
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum mechanics

A simple addition that can revolutionize your technique. Order now.