Line 6 FBV Foot Controller   

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Unleash the full potential of your Line 6 gear.

Add a Line 6 FBV Foot Controller and get dedicated channel switches, dedicated effects on/off switches, a large name display, wah and volume pedals (assignable to expression functions), and easy access to chromatic tuner and tap tempo. The unit is self-powered through the locking cable (included)

Compatible Products:
Spider III*
Spider II*
Vetta II
POD 2.0**
POD xt
POD X3 Pro
Bass POD xt
Bass POD XT Pro

*FBV is not compatible with Spider II 15 or Spider III 15.

**FBV is only compatible with POD 2.0 units with pedal jacks labeled "FBV Pedal." It is not compatible with older units which have pedal jacks labeled simply "Pedal."

NOTE: FBV is NOT compatible with Ax212, Flextone I, II or HD, POD Pro, Bass POD, Bass POD Pro and Spider.


  • Dedicated channel switches
  • Dedicated effects on/off switches
  • Large name display
  • Wah and volume pedals (assignable to expression functions)
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Tap tempo

It's like a collection of roadies ready to wheel out a whole new rig in time for the next note. Order now.

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