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Companies in the music industry tend to have colorful histories, and Acoustic Amplification is no exception. Originating in 1967, Acoustic has always been a favorite particularly of bassists, with legendary models like the Acoustic 361 bass stack and 360 bass preamp. Musicians as iconic as Robby Krieger, Frank Zappa, John Paul Jones and John Deacons all made great use of Acoustic gear during the '70s, and after a few quiet decades, Acoustic is once again standing at the forefront of the industry. Today's Acoustic lineup has something to appeal to any guitarist or bassist, including a whole slew of combo amps. For the guitar, check out the Lead Guitar Series, which runs in power level from the 10W G10, a 1x8 driver configuration that's great for small gigs, busking and practice, all the way to the beefy G120 DSP, which offers an impressive 120 watts. Bassists can go even bigger with a truly monstrous combo amp: the B450mkII. This behemoth is packed with two 10" drivers as well as a high-frequency horn driver, and can pump out 450W on its own or 600W with an added extension speaker, power enough to put even some full-sized stacks to shame.

If you want something designed specifically for acoustic guitars and vocals, you'll find combo amps ranging from 15W in the AG15 to a pair of 60W drivers for a total output of 120W of stereo sound in the AG120S. Acoustic also provides something that can be all too hard to find with the AB50: a combo amp made especially for the acoustic bass guitar, backed up by a solid 50W of juice.

Maybe you're playing enormous venues that demand the extreme power of a full stack. For guitarists, that might mean the G120H DSP guitar head paired up with the four 12" drivers in the G412A speaker cabinet. If you're a bassist, you have a whole range of options with amp heads starting at 200W in the B200H and climbing as high as the 800W Acoustic B800H. To get a speaker configuration like the B450mkII combo amp in a standalone cabinet, check out the B210NEO or, for the wildest power junkie, stand in awe of the B810mkII, with its eight 10" drivers running up to a venue-rattling 1200W.

Acoustic Amplification started out with a bang, and now they're back on top with a lineup of combo amps, speaker cabinets and amp heads that you'll have to hear to believe. Guitar or bass, acoustic or electric, it's all good. If you can plug it in, these amps will make it sing.