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When we think of music today, one of the first names that come to mind is always Yamaha. Found in virtually every segment of the industry, Yamaha has earned a great reputation for the quality of its instruments, especially at the entry-level and intermediate tiers. While they do play the field with their products, brass instruments are one of the categories for which Yamaha is known best. Schools, orchestras and bands all over the world are taking advantage of what Yamaha has to offer. If you play in a marching band, you'll find that specialty instruments like marching euphoniums, mellophones and Bb French horns are present and accounted for. These instruments are also carried in their traditional styles, so you can find a good match based on your style of play. For trumpet players, Yamaha makes a wide variety of piccolo trumpets, cornets and, of course, standard trumpets from beginner models up to the impressive Custom and Artist series instruments. You'll also find trombones, tubas, sousaphones and more. If it's brass, Yamaha probably makes it.

They also have a lot of accessories to for you to browse, including cases, mutes and mouthpieces. Yamaha's "Silent Brass" mute systems are perfect for practice, allowing you to listen to the instrument with headphones while you play without disturbing family or roommates. For each instrument, Yamaha gives you a few different mouthpieces to choose from, ranging from basic designs to high-end signature mouthpieces like the Allen Vizzutti model for trumpet or the Alain Trudel trombone mouthpiece.

Maintenance and care are important parts of owning a brass instrument, so don't forget to pick up any oils, cleaning rods, brushes and other essentials you need while you're at it. Yamaha has a good assortment of these kinds of supplies available alongside all of the brass instruments themselves. Whether you're looking for a new brass instrument or simply some accessories and supplies to help care for the ones you already own, Yamaha brings plenty to the table. You should expect no less from one of the most trusted names in the music industry.