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Doumbeks & Darbukas

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The mystical sound of a doumbek or darbuka is one that can easily add a unique tone to your musical arrangements. A swift beat on these instruments brings a new experience that is perfect for novices and professionals alike. They're simple to play and experiment with while adding to your overall sound. Doumbeks and darbukas have a rich and vibrant history. These hand drums have been present in cultural activities for centuries from Egypt to Turkey and beyond. Often played with one hand while resting under the arm of the drummer, these beautifully crafted goblet drums provide the listener with a sound most notable and classic. The doumbek originates in Egypt and is usually crafted of ceramic or metal. Most famous for its seamless drum head, a doumbek is easy to play with no hardware getting in the way of your percussive beat. Whether you choose a synthetic or animal hide head, your doumbek will have an authentic deep tone due to its traditional shape and construction. Darbukas on the other hand are always made of metal. Some, like the Meinl HE-214 feature a brass and copper finish, while others such as the Meinl hand hammered darbuka are made of plain aluminum. These hand drums originate in Turkey and while being a similar shape to the doumbek, offer a brassier tone. The rim on a darbuka is pinned with hardware to allow you to customize the tension. With a great amount of play this is a major benefit. These goblet drums are a truly eclectic way to bring a new sound into any recordings or jam sessions. If you're a fan of drum circles, you can really impress your counterparts with the echoing boom of a doumbek or the metallic tone of your darbuka. Even session players can benefit from adding in these traditional percussive elements as they add a unique sound not often heard in modern music.