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Product 447508

Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal   

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The Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal is raw and funky with excellent cutting power....Read More


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  • 20"

    $334.00 Rebate

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    { "name": "20\"", "status": "instock", "statusText": "In stock", "inventoryText": "In Stock & Ready To Ship", "inventoryKey": "in_stock", "price": 334.00, "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 540.00, "salePrice": 334.00, "listPrice": 334.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","topSeller","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku447508000000089", "displaySku": "447508 000000089", "serialized": false, "stickerDesc":"Rebate Offer Available!", "stickerDisplayText":"Rebate", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/447508000000089_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"2,672", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
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    { "name": "19 in.", "status": "instock", "statusText": "In stock", "inventoryText": "In Stock & Ready To Ship", "inventoryKey": "in_stock", "price": 310.00, "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 500.00, "salePrice": 310.00, "listPrice": 310.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku447508000000843", "displaySku": "447508 000000843", "serialized": false, "stickerDesc":"Rebate Offer Available!", "stickerDisplayText":"Rebate", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/447508000000843_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"2,480", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • 18"

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    Ships By 14.12.16

    { "name": "18\"", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 12-14-2016", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "12-14-2016", "price": 292.00, "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 472.00, "salePrice": 292.00, "listPrice": 292.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","topSeller","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku447508000000193", "displaySku": "447508 000000193", "serialized": false, "stickerDesc":"Rebate Offer Available!", "stickerDisplayText":"Rebate", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/447508000000193_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"2,336", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • 17 in.

    $264.00 Rebate

    Ships By 04.01.17

    { "name": "17 in.", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 01-04-2017", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "01-04-2017", "price": 264.00, "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 426.00, "salePrice": 264.00, "listPrice": 264.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "promos":["freeShipping","topRated","topSeller","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku447508000000287", "displaySku": "447508 000000287", "serialized": false, "stickerDesc":"Rebate Offer Available!", "stickerDisplayText":"Rebate", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/447508000000287_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"2,112", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • 16 in.

    $229.00 Rebate

    Ships By 30.12.16

    { "name": "16 in.", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 12-30-2016", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "12-30-2016", "price": 229.00, "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 394.00, "salePrice": 229.00, "listPrice": 229.00, "isPriceDrop": true, "promos":["freeShipping","priceDrop","topRated","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku447508000000083", "displaySku": "447508 000000083", "serialized": false, "stickerDesc":"Rebate Offer Available!", "stickerDisplayText":"Rebate", "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/447508000000083_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"1,832", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
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The Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal is raw and funky with excellent cutting power.


Review Snapshot

by PowerReviews
PaisteRude Crash Ride Cymbal

(based on 34 reviews)

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Most Liked Positive Review


A fine cymbal!

I have owned and used Paiste Rudes since 1983. I am reviewing a new 18" crash/ride here and it is an excellent cymbal!I think that the "Rude" name...Read complete review

I have owned and used Paiste Rudes since 1983. I am reviewing a new 18" crash/ride here and it is an excellent cymbal!I think that the "Rude" name belies the sound and uses for this series. Drummers get the impression that these should only be used by drummers who are the personification of Animal from the Muppets. This is not the case.While I probably would not play a great deal of intimate jazz gigs with this crash (unless I used it as a ride), it can be used in many different settings. It is perfect for rock and metal, of course, but it would be perfectly fine in most amplified settings. Playing an amplified country gig would be just fine. Funk? No problem. Blues and Classic Rock? Sure. Pop would work, too. FWIW, I am not simply a metalhead. I also own a modest set of Zildjian K Customs that I use where appropriate.I actually compared this crash, side-by-side, with an 18" Paiste Signature Power Crash, 18" Paiste 2002 Crash, 18" Paiste 2002 Power Crash, and an 18" Paiste 2002 Medium. I also looked at Zildjian A and Z Custom, too, but wanted to stay with Paiste this time.I felt that the Rude was simply a better sounding crash than the others, with the Medium a close second. The Sig. Power Crash sounded too constipated (it never felt like it opened up fully), the 2002 Power Crash lacked the sweetness that I want from a crash on the top end, and the 2002 crash had a nice, pure sound, but I felt it lacked the overall strength and drive that I sought.The Rude had everything I wanted. It is a bright, full-bodied crash. It has the classic, pure cut of 2002s with a fatter, wetter tone. Despite the name, I can still use dynamics with the cymbal. Not everything has to be played fortissimo. In addition, it is a durable piece of metal that one does not have to worry about overplaying. This is great for those gigs where the microphone coverage is dodgy at best.Finally, I would like to add that it sounds great recorded. I listened to a playback of a live, outdoor recording I did with a contemporary worship band (I was actually a substitute) in front of an audience of about 500-600 people. My Rudes were fat...dare I say, Bonham-esque. I was kind of fearing that they might just sound like a loud, obnoxious roar, but they did a great job and sounded like something that one would hear on the radio.Again, I think that many drummers overlook these cymbals because of the name. They can certainly be played loudly, but I say give them a try. They may be more civilized than you think.


Most Liked Negative Review


Great cymbal if you are a soft drummer.

This cymbal sounds great with any set of cymbals...when its not cracked. About a year ago i got this cymbal as a gift and its worked wonders for me until it cracked....Read complete review

This cymbal sounds great with any set of cymbals...when its not cracked. About a year ago i got this cymbal as a gift and its worked wonders for me until it cracked. If you are a hard hitter on your drums then this cymbal is not for you. Sadly, its made for harder music but if its going to crack after a year of playing then i find that to be a bit rediculous. But hey, thats just me.

Reviewed by 34 customers

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Pure metal crash

By NuclearHug

from Belgium, Borgloon

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

I'm a huge fan of b8. About six months ago, al my thinner crashes were cracked again, so I wanted a thicker crash. I found a 17" version of these rudes in a local shop and bought it after comparing it to the rest of the metalcrashes there. I really like this one. Eccept from that it's extremely loud and penetrating, it has also some deep lower frecuencies to give it such a powerfull sound. first i didn't like paiste, but after playing an hour with this one i changed my mind. It's one of the best metalcrashes you can get and it WON'T crack at all!

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


These are all metal

By Med Hed Drummer

from Michigan

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

This rude series is great for metal. Their loud and durable. I have been using the same three for three years now and wont be switching for a while. The only problem I had with them was they're too loud for the studio. I had to soften my hits, to me not a big deal. I am planning on using these for quite a while, their the best.

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Only for band purposes...

By JJ184

from Germany

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

I bought one 18" Crash/Ride, cause I got a nice deal on eBay and I liked the sound examples on the pAiste Homepage. But when I played it, I was rather disappointed. The cymbal sounds really gongy and is only able to produce a decent sound when hit really (!) hard. Anyone who tells you, he uses these for jazz or something is probably not telling the truth... If you play in a band they are good, because they cut through guitars and stuff. But for playing alone and anything but metal, they won't do it. Probably gonna sell this one and get me a nice 2002 Power Crash, or maybe a thin Rude. Positive thing is, the bell is nice and the ride sound too, but I need it as a crash, so...

(1 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal

By SinisterUrge

from Sacto, CA

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

All I have to say is that this thing will probly never break or even crack it is so thick. It sounds very deep and dark but I guess it is a crash ride! these are crap compared to my avedis. If they werent as expesive they might be worth it.


There is no other

By teamjoe26

from Norwalk, Oh

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

I've only been playing PAiSte for a little over a year & I could kick myself in the ying yang for never even giving them a chance. I been through the best of the best Zildjian & Sabian pieces & nothing comes close to the sound & or value of a PAiSte. I play in 4 totally different style local cover bands & PAiSte has the versatality in their sound to cover all the different genres hands down. My 19" PAiSte RUDE Crash/Ride is so universal it's SIC. Killer Crash & Ride. It's Quite the space saver. PAiSte 4 life.


Stick Out From The Crowd!

By BigDrumHitHard

from Kansas City

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

These may have hit their peak in popularity back in the 80's, but they still sound better than most crash cymbals today. I have two 18's on my kit, and I get more compliments than any other cymbals I have ever owned, and there's been alot. Sound men simply love them, they sound like a digitally mastered crash cymbal in a sticky bar room live setting. And, man, do they cut! Dark when up close or in a small room, high when further away or in a larger room - what could be better? I've had Zildjian A's, Sabian AA's, Paiste 2002's, and these Rude's rule. I have been around all the other crashes also - K's, A Customs, HH's, Paiste Signature's, etc. These have the best sound of any crash I've ever heard, can't believe they can be so seldomly seen. I am the only drummer in my area that I've seen who even has them, and can't believe how many drummers I meet who have never even heard of them. The only reason I tried Rudes is because I have grown very tired of cracked cymbals and I hate cheap cymbal sounds, so I gave these a try. Did some 'A' 'B' comparisons with Zildjian Z Customs and there was no contest. Loved my 2002's, but all 3 ended up cracked within a couple of months of each other after about a year of use. If you play any kind of live music that has guitar and bass amps, these will not let you down. Spend the extra $$ cause these look to last longer anyway.



By LucCole

from Stevens Point, WI

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

You can have your high-end Zildjans with their wide range of overtones and crazy sounding effects. You can have your high-end Istanbuls with their renown darkness. But if you want a straight-up good sounding cymbal: I mean something dark, versatile and universally complimentary to ANY song of ANY genre, then look no further than the RUDE line. I've used them in Jazz, Country, Metal, Funk - you name it. Even the bell sounds like an instrument unto itself. Works great for live shows and session work alike.


solid and reliable product

By MusicForLife

from In Musical Paradise

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

I bought a 17" a few months ago and I have to say it cuts through and is perfect for loud situations. If you play hard and you play a lot, this cymbal will stand up to anything you throw at it. I mean, you could probably even throw a brick at it and it wouldn't even phase it.I love it. would have been a perfect 5, but I gave it a 4 for value, because I think everything is overpriced nowadays.great product paiste


meant for metal

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

I just got this cymbal in today, the 18 inch. And I couldnt be happier with it. This cymbal is meant to be rode hard, its got amazing tone and sustain. The only bad thing is I guess I'm going to have to use all rudes now cause these cymbals are so loud they make all my others cymbals sound like toys.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


The most sickest cymbals ever made!

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

Comments about Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal:

I own a Tama Starclassic 10 Piece Double Bass Set. With 14 total Paiste cymbals. 9 RUDE's. With 14" Sound Edge, 2 16" Crash/Rides, 17" Crash/Ride, 2 18" Crash/Rides, 19" Crash/Ride, 20" power ride, and 18" China Paiste Rude's. These are the most sickest and most awesome cymbals ever made. I am a life long paiste fan. It has an explosiveness when struck, cuts through the heavy guitar riffs, an integrated bell with a raw ping, and unlathed for loud and aggressive playing. RUDE's came out in 1980, when heavy metal was making a big mainstream. And Paiste wanted to make a cymbal for the metal drummers. These bad boys have never let me down and they are very durable and versatile. If you are a heavy metal drummer. Get these!!!! They are worth every penny! And the drummers that use these are Dave Lombardo of Slayer, Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden, Charlie Benante of Anthrax, and Joey Jordison of Slipknot.

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