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In the annals of rock history, there are certain guitar effects that inspired countless imitations, yet were never truly duplicated. The original Vox Wah and Vox Tone Bender are perfect examples. These effects pedals have inspired millions of musicians worldwide... and today, Vox continues to manufacture some of the finest guitar effects on the globe.

From Jimmy Page to Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes, many artists have praised Vox guitar effects pedals for their trademark style and tone. From distortion and processors to delays, and of course their signature Wah, Vox offers an ever-growing line of effects and multi-effects pedals that cater to musicians of all styles and tastes.

The Vox catalog carries numerous big sellers and top rated items, including the popular Vox Lil' Looper multi-effects pedal. Combining two independent loops, this pedal has an easy-to-use design, offers 12 versatile effects, and allows you to create, play and control looped phrases in real time. Another great option is the Vox Tone Garage V8 distortion pedal. Delivering a warm tube-like sound, this pedal takes advantage of Vox's newly developed Hi-Volt technology to produce an extraordinary high-gain distortion and awe-inspiring tone.

Of course, we couldn't mention Vox without mentioning the Vox V847A. A reissue of the wah that changed rock guitar in the late 60's, this amazing pedal is built to the exact specifications of the original one used by icons such as Jimi Hendrix. Highly responsive and highly affordable, the Vox V847A works amazingly well for both studio use and live performances.

Trends are always coming and going in popular music, but when a legend makes their mark, they never disappear. Vox has been a mainstay in popular music since 1947, and their strong reputation in the music industry is still growing. Thanks to their innovative effects pedals for musicians of all skill levels, it's easy to explore your guitar playing abilities with Vox effects.