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Guitar Wall Hangers

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Every guitarist needs a place to put his or her instruments when they're not in hand. On the stage, that's usually a rack or stand, but your own home gives you the option of a more permanent way to hold your instruments. Guitar wall hangers keep them close at hand, all without taking up an inch of floor space. A guitar hanging on the wall is probably the best sort of decoration you can have as an enthusiast or collector. If you want to display a piece of music memorabilia in every room, all it takes is a wall hanger and you're good to go. Traditional hangers use a simple fork arrangement to hold the guitar upright by the neck, and you can also go for a swing mount to place it horizontally. For a unique way to display your guitar or bass, Grip Studios deserves a special mention. Their hand-shaped hangers mount an instrument with an artistic touch of detail that ranges from statuesque to disturbing. After all, what better way to set the mood in a room than with a zombie hand reaching out of the wall clutching a Telecaster? These hangers are a cool way to make your guitar look in its downtime as good as it sounds when it's onstage. Wall hangers have their practical applications as well as decorative ones, naturally. If you have a home recording studio, you can line a wall with your guitars so they're always ready to go. A few hangers would be quite at home in a concert hall to give students a place to hang their axes when they come in for classes or recitals. For frequently-used mounts, consider adding wall bumpers beneath them to help protect the instruments and the wall surface from wear and tear. Anywhere that a guitar is regularly put down, a wall hanger makes good sense. Whether you're hanging up a collectible guitar for all to see or just replacing floor stands to clean up your jam room, these mounts are up to the task.