Roland FA-08 88-Key Workstation  

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All-in-one production station with unprecedented power.

The keyboard workstation continues to evolve, responding to rapidly changing workflow requirements on the part of people who write, record and perform music. It is a dramatically different landscape than the one that birthed the idea of the keyboard workstation in the 1980s when having your sequencer, drum machine and multitimbral synthesizer all in a single package was a previously unimaginable model of efficiency. The Roland FA-06 Music Workstation moves far beyond that structure and into a modern design that reflects the performance and recording realities of the contemporary musician. The FA-08 is an 88-key instrument with weighted graded hammer action.

The key bed on the FA-08 is derived from the Ivory Feel-G keyboard that resides in the RD-800, the stage piano designed for pianists. Its action and response are the envy of the industry.

The sound engine in the Roland FA-08 is derived from the INTEGRA-7 sound module and incorporates the SuperNATURAL synth and acoustic instrument timbres. The SuperNATURAL sound engine is the same as the one in the RD-800, Rolands flagship digital piano. It contains more than 2000 sounds from the INTEGRA-7 sound module, and features internal wave expansion slots for even more sounds, providing access to Roland’s vast sample archives.
The onboard sequencer features 16 tracks with easy export via an SDHC card as a mixed stereo file, or as multitrack audio, or as MIDI data for use in live environments or in your DAW. It also has an onboard sampler based on the wildly popular SP-404SX, which can be triggered live via 16 pads with four banks.

Sound editing and creating sounds from the ground up has never been easier. Polish your creations to the finest sheen with 16 independent effects engines, six compression and equalization processors for drums, unique TFX (total effects), and EQ, chorus, and reverb that can be assigned to a global mix.

Your FA-06 can “learn” the parameters of your DAW and data can be shuttled back and forth between them with a single touch of a button. This feature is incredibly handy for performing musicians who do a lot of preparation in the studio.

As a compositional tool, your workflow will align seamlessly with the FA-08’s design. Play, create and imagine, and when you hear something you like, capture it and develop it. When you are done, transfer your work to your DAW. Once you have perfected and tweaked your idea, transfer it back to your FA-08 for presentation at live events. Whether you are writing, recording, performing or all three, your FA-08 is a perfect workflow tool.


  • Light, mobile body with 88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard
  • Over 2000 sounds from the flagship INTEGRA-7 sound module
  • 16-track sequencer with non-stop loop recording
  • Export sequencer tracks to SDHC card or as multitrack audio or MIDI to your DAW
  • Onboard sampler based on the SP-404SX
  • 16 independent FX engines, six COMP+EQ processors, global EQ, chorus, and reverb
  • Six user-assignable Sound Modify knobs
  • D-Beam, Rhythm Pattern, Arpeggiator, and Chord Memory functions
  • Guitar/Mic and Line input jacks
  • Dedicated input reverb provides ambience for performing/recording
  • USB ports for sound expansion data, updates, and audio/MIDI interfacing with a computer; MIDI communication with the iPad is possible when using Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit

Order today and satisfy your controller and synth engine needs.

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