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Bose Live Sound Packages

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When you think of Bose, you may think of home theater, multimedia and other at-home audio applications. But there's a lot more to them than that, and you might be surprised to learn about the impressive quality of Bose live sound packages. The systems in this section certainly prove that Bose has what it takes to back up a live performance, and with a great selection of different setups to choose from, it's easy to tailor one to your personal budget and needs. If you're ready to change the way you think about live sound packages, Bose is ready to help you out.

There's no doubt that what stands out most about the L1 systems featured here is the unusual shape of the main driver. It's tall and slim, really like no other speaker cabinet on the market. As it turns out, that's one of the secrets of the Bose design. Instead of using a few large drivers, they've put in a tall stack of miniature ones. Each of those is carefully angled so that, all together, they create the trademark Bose room-filling effect. Not only does this mean that systems like the L1 M1S with B2 Bass Module or L1 Model II System with Dual B1 Bass Module are capable of reaching every cubic inch of the venue, it also allows them to double as monitors so your rig will be super simple and easy to set up.

Apart from the speaker tower itself, these bundles also come with bass modules. They have an important job, too, which is to make sure that no low-end detail is lost from your performance. Thanks to these components, you can play music with as much bass thump as you want, and you'll have no trouble getting the venue shaking. On top of that, there's also the option of the ToneMatch Audio Engine with kits like the Bose L1 Model II System with B1 Bass Module and Tonematch. It's a powerful little effects unit that can really take your sound to the next level with just the push of a button.

It's easy to have preconceptions about Bose (they're famous enough, after all), but for many artists, this selection of speaker kits may be the catalyst in changing them. The truth is simple: Bose live sound packages really perform. If you want an attractive PA and monitor system that's easy to set up and offers incredible sound for any small to mid-sized venue, you're in the right place to find it.