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Here's an informal way to gauge the success of a company: if you were to ask random people on the street, would they have heard of it or not? When that company is Peavey, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn't familiar. That's because Peavey speakers are so widespread that virtually everyone has been to plenty of events that have used them. The next question to ask is why they're that common, and the answer is that they're just plain great speakers.

With Peavey, the approach is no-nonsense and to the point. These speakers are designed to perform well, last a long time and deliver sound quality good enough to meet the high quality standards of music festivals and prestigious venues. Peavey speakers range from small cabinets like the PV I10 to towering loudspeakers such as the PV 215 models. Those come in powered and unpowered versions, supporting any setup whether you plan to use an external amplifier or connect your audio source directly to the speaker cabinets.

If you're looking for something portable that's perfect for small concerts and events, take a look at the Peavey PVi Portable 300W Compact PA System. This is an incredibly handy all-in-one that locks together into a briefcase-like package you can easily carry. When it's time to set up for the show, all you have to do is separate the three pieces and you've got stereo PA speakers with a 300W amp at the ready. It also supports MP3 playback through a USB connection, so you can bring along a huge audio library with you on a Flash drive and you won't even need an external source. This PA system is as easy and practical as it gets.

Whether you're looking for that ease-of-use or aspiring to put out big sound with some of Peavey's larger speakers, it all comes down to choosing the cabinet or set that's right for your needs. In fact, you can even choose packages that include stands and cables if you want a total kit right out of the box. With this great selection of solid performers, it's easy to see why Peavey is a constant presence on stages everywhere.